Top MP3 Player for Android In the Year 2020

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MP3 Player For Andoird: The Best Ones Available

Are you a music lover who enjoys listening to music? If yes, then I have something special for you today. Nowadays, almost everyone has access to the internet. Thus, he/she can browse the world wide web to search and listen to their favorite songs. However, in case of poor connection or no connection, the better option is to rely on an MP3 player for Android.

The great thing about these MP3 applications is that most of these applications are compatible with your MP3 players as well.

After all, these players of the facility of downloading and managing your songs effectively and efficiently. You can listen to downloaded songs anytime and anywhere. This article aims to discuss the best MP3 Applications that you can enjoy on your Android Phone.

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Is it important to download an MP3 Player for Android?

I have a list of the best MP3 apps that will enhance your music listening experience. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t play songs and music without these. Although every android device has its own pre-installed mp3 player for playing music, after reading the specifications and features of these MP3 players, I assure you that you will hate listening to music without them.

MP3 Player for Android

So without further suspense, let’s directly fall into the list to find out about these sophisticated MP3 Players.

EDGE Music Player:

On top of our list, we have an outstanding app, EDGE Music Player.  The name “EDGE” is because of its unique functionality. After downloading this app, it appears at the edge of the screen’s right side.

To access the app, you have to swipe. A floating window will come forward. This surely turns out to be a unique interface. You can easily pause, resume, or change the song without opening the actual player.

The sound quality is extremely great. Moreover, it allows you to manage any music app to change track, but the only limitation of this app is that you need to have an android device with a 5.5” screen size or more.

However, every company's upcoming new android models are usually giving a screen of 6” and above, so this limitation of the EDGE music player can surely be neglected.

SplitCloud Double Music Player

The SplitCloud Double Music Player is the most powerful MP3 player in the top mp3 player for android. It provides you with an unmatched song listening experience. It lets you share your hand-free with your partner to listen to 2 different songs simultaneously.

You can create multiple playlists in this app, and it allows you to switch between single and double player mode quickly. The volume is also independent to adjust so that both of the listeners have the cool option to adjust volume independently. This feature will allow full customization in terms of volume and songs.  It is available on Google Play Store for you to download.

HQ Music for Android 9:

As the name describes, the app is designed specially for android 9, but don’t worry because it works perfectly well with a minimum of android 5.1. This mp3 music player is specially designed to provide great value to android lovers with unique gesture control.

It comes up with a simple and easy to use interface. The HQ Music Player can only be controlled by making gestures on the screen of your android device.

You can change or select music using gestures. Also, you can increase and decrease the volume of the player via gestures. This might seem a bit confusing initially, but once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy its smooth gesture control feature.

Abbey Music Player:

Abbey Music Player is another one of the great MP3 players for Android.  It has a Minimal design, and you can enjoy the lyrics of every song.

Being one of the top mp3 players for Android, it allows easy searching and downloading of lyrics.  Another unique feature of this music app is that it plays a rain sound in your track background for relaxation.

What more is that the app comes with a ringtone cutter feature. It means you can now turn any song into your ringtone. The facility of advanced song sharing and equalizer is also the highlighting features of Abbey Music Player.

SoundSeeder Music Player

SoundSeeder is an online mp3 player for android users. This app allows you to connect multiple phones through WiFi or portable hotspot and play the same music on all devices together.

This can turn your devices into a large sound system. If you don’t have a loudspeaker and you are at a party, this application tends to fulfill your music requirements.

Although I agree that it is a bit complicated to use, it is a smart application. Last but not least, it has both day and night themes available. You can switch between eh themes with a flick of your finger.

So download the SoundSeeder mp3 player for free and make your own sound system with the combination of some android phones.

N7 Music Player

The N7 Music player is among the most common MP3 players for android that you will find on Google Play Store. It is totally free of cost. If you are one of those who are not aware of this app, then you need not worry about that.

I have its complete specification to show you how this music player works and its features.

It comes with a friendly user interface while providing advanced features. This browser gives you an innovative way to browse your favorite music, and you can access all your songs with just one click.

This app has countless functions and is suitable for everyone, from beginner to advanced levels. You can simply tap on your favorite artist’s album and start hearing your favorite song in high quality because of the 10-band equalizer, tuneable bass and treble, and SRS.

You can also customize themes, widgets, and many more. Download N7 mp3 music on your android for free today and enjoy your favorite songs in your own way.

MP3 Player for Android


So this was my list of top mp3 players for android. I believe them to the best because of their outstanding features, simple UI, and high response rate. They, for sure, would enhance your music listening experience.

All these players ensure high-quality music along with outclassing performance. The great news is that most of these players are free to download as long as you have an Android Device. In addition, you can even enjoy some of these apps on your Apple Phones.

All you need to do is decide the type of app you want and go to Google Play Store. Search for the desired app, download it, and you are good to go!

What more is that most of these apps are also compatible with your MP3 music player. At Hott, we offer some of the top-notch quality MP3 players for android devices. To learn more about these players, reach out to us today.

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