Top 10 bluetooth mp3 player with Good Battery you Must Try in This Year

Author: hqt

Ranking of the best MP3 players with Bluetooth for 2021

bluetooth mp3 player

Despite the fact that bluetooth mp3 player in the modern world are not as popular as, say, a few years ago. Manufacturers are still trying to develop this market. New devices have advanced features and other gadgets that should win the love of consumers.

One of them is Bluetooth. It allows you to connect wireless headphones to the player and transfer files to it over the air. In our article today, we've rounded up the best Bluetooth MP3 players based solely on the owner's feedback.

No. 10 - Digma Z4 16GB bluetooth mp3 player

Digma Z4 16GB is an inexpensive model equipped with a convenient clip. With this element, you can attach the player to clothing, which will allow you to use it during jogging and sports.

We also note the compact dimensions of the solution 37 × 59 × 18 mm and its weight, which is 27 grams. For those who find 16 GB of internal memory is not enough, the device is equipped with a slot for microSD cards up to 32 GB.

Despite the cost, the bluetooth mp3 player supports popular file formats: mp3, m4a, wav, wma, flac, ape, ogg. The model also wins comparison with other cheap solutions due to the fact that its Bluetooth functions adequately.

Moreover, it provides a stable connection with other devices. The disadvantages include the small size of the buttons. That is why people with large fingers can press them several at a time.

# 9 - Benjie K11 mp3 player


The Benjie K11 is stylishly designed and comes in a range of colors - red, blue, green and silver. Users of all tastes can find something that suits them. The body comes with metal. But this has practically no effect on the weight - only 62 grams, in addition it is waterproof.

Another strong point of the player is its autonomy. The battery can last 31 hours on a single charge. This is an excellent indicator for such a cheap device.

In addition to playing music files of popular formats, the gadget is able to launch videos, text documents and display pictures. The disadvantages include the small amount of internal memory - only 8 GB, so you can't do without a flash drive.

No. 8 - Hidizs AP60 bluetooth mp3 player


The Hidizs AP60 bluetooth mp3 player has a simple design and plastic body. But in terms of power output per channel, it can wipe the nose of many more expensive solutions. Here this figure is 35 mW.

In general, the device has no problems with sound. It rocks the in-ear headphones and earbuds without any problems. Moreover, it gives out decent high and mid frequencies. But the bottom is in complete trouble.

The player's menu is convenient, you can navigate it intuitively. The device is friendly with flash cards. They connect without problems, the maximum memory capacity is 256 GB. The disadvantages of the eighth line of our rating of MP3-players include the lack of the ability to run videos on it, as well as the outdated version of Bluetooth 4.0.

# 7 - Shanling M0 bluetooth mp3 player

Shanling M0 is an advantageous solution in terms of value for money. The bluetooth mp3 player has an ESS ES9218 DAC in the arsenal, thanks to which, when paired with suitable headphones, it is capable of delivering surround and detailed sound. In addition, the solution can be used as an external DAC if you connect it to your smartphone via Type-C.

In general, the functionality of the model is decent; Bluetooth 4.1 supports aptX and LDAC. You can use flash cards up to 512 GB to store files. The player looks stylish and minimalistic, switching tracks is carried out using a large mechanical button. Of the minuses, we highlight the absence of the Russian language in the menu.

No. 6 - Cayin N3


The Cayin N3 is one of the most popular models on the market in 2021 for its money. The reviews praise the DAC of the AKM AK4490EQ device, which allows the player to please the owner with an adequate frequency balance and good depth of sound.

The player comes with a storage case and two protective films, one of which is already glued to the screen.

Also note that the device can be used as an external DAC. Its body is made of metal and is reliable. The disadvantages include only touch buttons, which quite often do not respond to pressing.

# 5 - Fiio M7 bluetooth mp3 player

The creation of a popular company ranks fifth in our top. Its main advantage is the 3.2-inch LCD display. It has a decent margin of brightness and a responsive sensor that accurately responds to every touch of the owner.

A convenient case comes with the bluetooth mp3 player, although it is not a fact that you will want to use it - this gadget has too good design.

Fiio M7

Mention is worth a volume control wheel for 60 divisions. Buyers agree that it is insanely convenient and better than many alternatives. The disadvantages include a modest amount of internal memory - only 2 GB.

No. 4 - Hiby R3


Hiby R3 is an interesting bluetooth mp3 player solution worth recommending to advanced users. The thing is that the equalizer of the solution allows you to fine-tune the sound depending on what style of music you prefer.

The case here is reliable, made of metal and weighs 116 grams. The model supports all formats a modern person needs - MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, FLAC, APE, Apple Lossless, WAV, PCM, AIFF, DSD, DFF, DSF, and also guarantees 20 hours of autonomy.

Sony NW-A55

bluetooth mp3 player 2021

While choosing the best bluetooth mp3 player, we stumbled upon the Sony NW-A55. The handwriting of the Japanese brand is visible in the device. Unfortunately, it manifests itself not only in the design with the case, which has angular edges, but also in the overpriced.

The sound here is very decent - the overall detail pleases, all frequencies are present in abundance, including the lows. The interface is convenient, its architecture is clear, and you can understand it intuitively.

Users speak positively about the multi-band equalizer. Note that there is nothing difficult in setting it up, and therefore even a person who has never had experience with such things will quickly figure out what to do.

The Astell & Kern A & norma SR15

The Astell & Kern A & norma SR15 is a premium bluetooth mp3 player that hit the market last year, but is still able to wipe its nose with many new products. The list of its strengths should include an interface that will not leave any user indifferent.

The 3.3-inch screen is also quite convenient. It has a resolution of 480 by 800 pixels and a margin of brightness, which is enough to prevent the image from glare even in the sun. Many people also like the volume wheel, which inspires confidence in reliability and is very convenient to use.


The main feature of the device is the design with angular edges and a display that is piled on its side like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Due to this, when you pull the player out of your pocket in a company, people around you will definitely pay attention to it. It doesn't make sense to talk about the sound - it is close to ideal here and will satisfy the needs of any audiophile. There is only one drawback here and it is understandable - the price.