Most Popular Tiny Mp3 in 2020 for Everyday Use or Sports

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Digital technology has long entered our everyday life and has become an integral part of it. Smartphones, tablets, tiny mp3 players and other similar equipment have become popular. Hardly any person can imagine their everyday life and weekends without it.

Generally, osne of the most compact and convenient units is the mp3 player. It allows you to listen to music far from powerful music centers, computers and other players.

New models are released literally every month, which differ greatly from each other in a number of parameters. It is not very easy to navigate in this market, so we decided to write a rating of the best tiny mp3 players in 2020.

Let's first understand the main operational characteristics of this product. And then we will proceed to the direct analysis of specific models.

What do you pay attention to when choosing tiny mp3 player?

This device is an irreplaceable construction for people who cannot imagine their daily life without music. Hence, it allows you to diversify various activities - traveling by transport, playing sports, even ordinary routine work.

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Many people take the tiny mp3 with them for a run, while walking animals, and so on. Such products are quite compact in size; on the case of most models you can find a special clothespin. Due to this, they are securely attached to clothes or a bag.

Be sure to pay attention to the maximum capacity of the device. Similarly, it is advisable to purchase a player with the largest amount of memory; otherwise it will not be possible to fit all the tracks you like. When choosing models for inclusion in our review of the best tiny mp3 players, we took into account all these factors, but not only them.

Similarly, we paid considerable attention to the price-quality ratio and user feedback. We tried to choose models that are quite acceptable in cost. So that each of our readers could choose the best products for themselves.

Tiny mp3 for everyday use or sports

  1. Sony NW-WS413

Products designed for use during active sports have been produced by this company for a long time. The main distinguishing feature is the presence of a Bluetooth module that allows you to pair with smartphones and other third-party devices. In addition, there is a remote control. The device is reliably protected from dust, dirt and even salt water getting under the case.


  • Excellent workmanship and build quality;
  • Nice and stylish appearance;
  • Well suited for any ear canal;
  • Reliably protected from contaminants and moisture.


  • It is not very convenient to listen under water, although they hold on quite tightly.

3. Shanling M0- Best tiny mp3

With small overall dimensions, the tiny mp3 has a fairly wide functionality. The key distinguishing point is the robust case, made of aluminum, which has additional stiffening ribs, its shape is square. It is covered with a layer of paint, protected from all kinds of external influences.

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It is almost invisible in the hand. The volume control wheel is fluted, so it is quite convenient to scroll it. The build quality is excellent - all the elements of the case fit tightly together, no backlash was noticed.

All internal elements are fixed securely, nothing shakes or dangles. All corners are rounded, on the bottom panel there is a headphone jack and a USB Type C cable. The headphone plug is inserted quickly and easily, securely fixed in the socket.


  • Elementary management - you can get into it in a couple of minutes;
  • Small overall dimensions;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Decent amount of internal memory plus a slot for a flash drive;
  • Nice appearance.


  • The volume control wheel rotates somewhat tightly.

2. Ritmix RF-3450 8Gb (Best tiny mp3)

This is one of the cheapest tiny mp3 models in our entire review of the best mp3 players. And the device is characterized by a rather modest overall size, so it can easily fit even into a jacket or trouser pocket. The body is made of high-quality plastic with a matte finish. It reliably protects the structure from slipping out of hands, and also prevents dirt from accumulating on the surface.


The last point is important due to the fact that the player is made in white. The overall dimensions of the device are small - they can be compared with a standard USB flash drive. It is connected to a computer or other charger through the most ordinary USB connector, which is hidden under a removable plastic cap. It will reliably protect it from the accumulation of dirt and moisture.


  • A very practical and easy-to-use model;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • There is a slot for a memory card;
  • Matte body, protected from dirt accumulation;
  • Very affordable cost;
  • Fast interface and well thought out menu.


  • Does not support .flac format;
  • Weak battery.

Sony NWZ-B183F

This player looks very original, although, unlike most similar designs, it is not equipped with a large touch screen. The display here differs in insignificant dimensions, but it is quite bright - everything will be perfectly visible on it even in direct sunlight.

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In addition, its small size saves a lot of charging. It is monochrome, has a light blue backlight. The brightness can be adjusted manually if necessary. The body itself is metal. Moreover, it only adds practicality to the product. This tiny mp3 build quality is also quite high.

Almost all of the buttons protrude slightly from the edge of the device, so they can be easily found by touch. There is a removable cover on one side, under which the USB connector is located. The player itself is notable for its small dimensions.


  • Interesting and stylish design;
  • There is no need to use additional wires;
  • There is a built-in radio receiver;
  • Quite reasonable price;
  • Sound quality is good, especially if you plug in the right expensive headphones.


  • The built-in memory is only 4 GB.

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In conclusion

The review of the best tiny mp3 players is over. We, in turn, express the hope that the information that we have collected with such difficulty will be enough for you to choose the optimal product.