The Secret Behind Why Personal CD Players Portable are Still Here

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Why Do People Still Use Personal CD Players Portable?

Personal CD players portable seem fit to lifestyle when we see music lovers carrying them to listen to their favourite tracks while relaxing at home, jogging, hanging out, or traveling outside. Boosted by technology, they really seem to satiate the taste of melophiles who are obsessed with music and believe that it is a language of passion and feeling. Music sounds extremely good through the high-quality stereo earphones attached to portable CD players. They also give a sense of privacy to the music lovers who don’t want distraction while enjoying their favorite music.

Personal CD players portable first emerged in early 80s and provided an unclouded musical experience for generations. They were the ultimate choice of people who had lost taste with cassettes and the sputtering hiss of vinyl records. For years, portable CD players entertained music lovers until they were supposedly relegated against the genesis of a new medium – mp3 players, iPods, and the internet. Incidentally, the portable cd players’ vulnerability to external shocks and bad quality of CDs was exposed.

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Users complained against skipping their favourite songs played on them. In addition, they could only play few songs in one go. On the other hand, the shock-proof mp3s, iPods and internet offered more space for music files to store and play. Besides, the tiny handheld media players were compact in size and weight as compared to portable CD players.

Although, portable CD players seem to relinquish from the scene, the enigma behind their presence is mainly due to the following success factors.

Personal CD Players Portable

High Quality Digital Sound

For reliable playback, portable CD players use optical technology to produce high-quality sounds with a very low harmonic distortion. In fact, they have better sound quality than MP3 players. Music enthusiasts like quality of the sound regardless of it what do they listen. Since musical files are not compressed on CDs, the quality of music played on Portable CD players is always excellent. In an MP3 player, the musical files are compressed to reduce the size of the digital sound, which results in inferior sound quality.

Enhanced bass

A specialized portable CD player customizes the output of music tracks by focusing on delivering ear thumping beats with bass boost technology. This feature makes them  an excellent choice for those who enjoy listening to bass-heavy music.


Users can use a personal CD player as portable CD player, USB flash drive player, Bluetooth hi-fi speaker, home stereo system, and mini home boombox music player, etc. Some portable CD players have built-in FM or AM radio and preset options so that the user may have an option to change the taste by moving on to a radio station with the push of a button

Compatible with Various Audio Files

They are hugely compatible with CD, CD-RW, CD-R, WMA, MP3, and WAV formats, etc. They play various kinds of CDs without any hassle while on the go. This is a great feature in a portable player that plays different musical files, thereby saving the users’ precious time in converting files. This also means that these portable music players can store more songs on a single disc.

Personal CD Players Portable AllowsMusic Optimisation with EQ Sound Effect

EQ Sound effect is one of the finest features of portable CD players. It gives the user an option to optimize the audio depending on the music genre. In simple words, the user can listen to the music in different modes including POP, JAZZ, ROCK, CLASSIC and BBS on a personal CD player.

Extremely User Friendly

Most portable CD players can customize the playlist and select songs the users intend to listen to for an enhanced listening experience. The users can play their favorite songs and skip the unwanted. The user can play or pause a track in the middle. The resume option allows them to pick up the music right from where it was left off the last time. The stop option stops the track at any desired point.

There are some other options as well: shuffle, rewind, fast forward, repeat a track, repeat all the tracks, skip an unwanted track, search and play musical files in random, or play first 10s of a particular musical file. The hold button option ensures that the users don’t accidentally change songs or activate any other features while they are listening.

Crystal Clear LCD

It displays the exact track number, battery level, and other settings, such as ear protection design that that warns the users to protect their ear from sudden exposure to high music volume.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The built-in Bluetooth feature makes the personal CD players a perfect choice to listen music both indoor and outdoor.

Another appealing feature is the inclusion of impressive high quality stereo earbuds to listen to music in crystal clear and theatrical style. You connect these stereo earbuds to the player through its headphone/ audio out socket.


The CD players portable work for all those cars which have a 3.5mm auxiliary port. The users can connect the portable CD player to the car’s speakers with an AUX cable.

Since new models of cars contain a USB conne

ction and Bluetooth facility, the users can easily connect their Bluetooth portable CD player to their car via Bluetooth or AUX connection seamlessly.

Multiple Power Options

High-quality portable CD players have long battery life. They usually contain built-in rechargeable lithium battery. Once fully charged, they can play tracks for hours. The users can also use an AC adaptor with the players to listen to their favourite songs uninterruptedly without the hassle of loading batteries. One can also charge them with USB cable.

Personal CD Players Portable Are Easy to Carry Out

The new players have enhanced portability because they are extremely light-weight, sleek and have a compact palm size design. Due to this, they are highly convenient to carry anywhere.

Perfect Choice as a Gift

They are excellent gifts for friends and people you love as they have stunning looks and convenience to enjoy quality music.

Personal CD Players Portable are Reliable

New personal CD players have a built-in anti-shock system to avoid skipping musical files while during running, jogging, or doing any activity that might shake the disc inside the player. The anti-skip protection feature strengthens the laser that reads the music to give an uninterrupted listening experience.

Cute and Attractive

The players come with a variety of fascinating and eye-catching designs, and continue to entertain the music listeners besides being a great personal aesthetic collection.


Most brands of portable CD players are durable, of high quality, and affordable.


A good warranty is something that gives peace of mind. Usually, all the branded portable CD players offer after-sales warranty.

Personal CD Players Portable

Take Away On Personal CD Players Portable

The portable CD players still remain a great invention. They have lots of utilities and benefits that give the music lovers a taste of excellent music. The personal CD players portable remain an ultimate choice of those who believe that these gadgets still carry the technology that can withstand new mediums of music.

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