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Which are ideal mp3 apps for android smartphones?

top mp3 players for android

Music has become an essential part of our life. Because all of us are music lover and we often love to listen music. Nowadays our android sets have made it very easy to enjoy our favorite music tracks whenever we want. But how to find top mp3 players for android?

But it is sometimes impossible to keep our favorite collection in just a single device. So, for this purpose you have to download an ideal music app which can fulfil all your demands. We have made a list of top mp3 players for android because we know that music really worth for you.

Basically, all smartphones come with a pre-installed music player. But there are many reasons to download an ideal mp3 app for your android device. Moreover, it often happens that your pre-installed music player has no ability to meet all your needs.

Today all the latest android devices are coming with Google Play Music. Obviously, it is an ideal android app. Furthermore, it also has ability of cloud streaming along with some traditional features with it. Actually, it is a user-friendly app and very helpful even for new commers as well as for regular users.


But in spite of all this, the app does not have several modern functions and essential tools or gears. Moreover, it also does not have the following latest and helpful functions like,

  • customization
  • file management
  • control on the sound and many more.

So, we have compiled a useful list of top mp3 players for android. In addition, these are also ideal mp3 apps for android smartphones.

We hope that you will love them and will find the app that will fulfil all of your needs and demands. So, the final list is here:

  1. MediaMonkey
  2. AIMP
  3. Musicolet
  4. YouTube Music
  5. BlackPlayer

Here is detail information about all these top mp3 players for android


It is a best media player in comparison to several other media players. Furthermore, MediaMonkey has all the modern and useful features of this age. It is extra powerful android music app that its users call it dark horse in the field of media players.

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Special features:

  • This music app has thousands of features such as,
  • podcasts
  • audiobooks and so on.
  • It actually has the special capability to sort out all the songs
  • This app not only sort the artist of the song but its composer also
  • MediaMonkey is a real unique music player app
  • This unique app can sync your music library from computer or laptop to smartphone over WiFi
  • The app contains all the basic items such as equalizer
  • Moreover, it can provide you logical organization of your best songs


Some drawbacks:

Although it is in the list of top mp3 players for android but it also has some drawbacks. These are:

  • This media player app is quite difficult for new users
  • You have to purchase it for getting benefits of all its features
  • MediaMonkey is actually pricy for the desktop version
  • In fact, you have to buy it at $24.95


In fact, this android music app is very powerful. If you are listening your favorite songs by using this app, you have to face not any type of hassle. Obviously, it always stands a step forward in comparison to several music apps.

Special features of AIMP

  • It has a special UI to listen hassle free songs
  • This app uses a very sufficient and fair Material Design interface
  • It contains,
  • a fantastic equalizer
  • volume normalization
  • HTTP live streaming
  • this special app has ability to support all the following music files such as,
  • MP3
  • FLAC
  • MP4 and many more.
  • It also has a desktop version
  • It has capability of automatic tagging

Some drawbacks of AIMP

Luckily this android media player from the list of top mp3 players for android has not any kind of drawback. In fact, it is extremely powerful and very easy to use. Moreover, you can enjoy your favorite music tracks whenever and wherever you want.


This app is no-BS media player. Basically, Musicolet has perfect features for your music taste. It is totally free music app with wonderful advantages. Moreover, it is extremely popular and best for your android sets. Actually, it is advertisement free app. So, you can enjoy listening of your best songs without any kind of disturbance.

Special features:

  • There is no need of internet connection to listening songs
  • It is an advertisement free mp3 player
  • This music player has small APK size with extremely light UI
  • This top mp3 player for androidhas extreme features like,
  • an equalizer
  • a tag editor
  • folder browsing
  • best support for embedded lyrics
  • widgets
  • multiple queues and so on.

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  • Best for those who loves to enjoy music without any extra stuff
  • It also provides you earphones and headphones backing
  • Its searching and shortcut options are best
  • This media player app can give features like, lock screen and sleep timers
  • You can navigate your favorite list of songs by earphone control option
  • The app has facility to support for android auto

Some drawbacks:

  • Its interface is quite difficult to understand
  • Its interface may sometimes can create cluttered
  • It can not support music downloading and streaming
  • You cannot easily read out the right tag numbers


YouTube Music

YouTube Music is also one of the most popular top mp3 player for android. This app has mainly developed by Google's stab. This amazing app actually has approach to provide you wonderful collection of more than 30 million music videos. Furthermore, by using this app, you can search for,

  • videos
  • artists
  • albums

in order to generate a non-stop station.

Special features:

  • It provides you the facility to enjoy add-free music
  • You can also download your favorite music for offline service
  • Its audio-only mode provides you facility to enjoy audio songs only
  • By using background play system, you can also use other mobile apps
  • This amazing media player is basically available on,
  • Android
  • iOS
  • So, you can easily download it for any of your device

This top mp3 player for android also has some drawbacks:

  • It has a quite smaller music library in comparison to its paid versions
  • You have to pay for ad-free version because adds really frustrate you
  • Its worst drawback is that, this media player is actually available in just 77 countries


In fact, this audio music player is very simple and easy to download. Moreover, you can get all songs of your favorite collection in just this media player. For its easy to use ability users often call it an unbeatable music app. Additionally, this app contains easy searching options.

Furthermore, it is very powerful mp3 player with several font choices and elegant theme options.

Special features:

This is one of the ideal apps among the list of top mp3 players for android. However, some of its special features are:


  • You can get its special sleep timing mode
  • You can also enjoy its best features like,
  • 3D virtualizer
  • ID3 tag editor
  • gapless playback
  • 3D virtualizer and basic equalizer, etc.
  • Its ID3 tag editors have ability to give you,
  • artist names
  • lyrics
  • meta information and many more
  • It also has the capability of mp3 player scrobbling
  • It is customizable
  • In fact, it is pro and free
  • It generally consists perfect user interface.

Some drawbacks of this top mp3 player for android

  • It is Ad-supported
  • It may be that by using it minor bugs can exist
  • Its equalizer is not the latest or advanced
  • This app does not have the greatest number of supported formats
  • You have to face the “failed to update” during the changing of meta tags
  • It can irritate you when it stops the songs listening without any reason.

This table will further guide you about some extra features of the above top mp3 players for android

Name Formats Links

1. MediaMonkey












3. Musicolet


Android auto http://andauth.co/AFPkyL


4. YouTube Music


M4A, FLAC, MP3, MP3 and OGG http://downloads.tomsguide.com/YouTube-Music,0301-61520.html


5. BlackPlayer


MP3, OGG, WAV and






We hope that we have provided to you all the basic and essential information about above 5 best mp3 players. Furthermore, we also hope that you have not to face any hassle or trouble in order to download any of them. In addition, you can easily select the best mp3 player for your android smartphone which suits you the best.

Additionally, all the above information will truly help you to select a perfect audio app for your android smartphone. Hence, when you will pay a deep attention to read all the features and cons of these top mp3 player for android then you will get your ideal player. Moreover, you often need very special characteristics like,

  • offline mode
  • sleep timers
  • ringtone cutter
  • podcasts providers and many more.

So, by downloading these top mp3 players you will truly get all of these features.