Why MP3 Player Bluetooth is Better than Wired MP3 Players?

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6 Reason Why MP3 Player Bluetooth is Better than Its Wired Counterpart

MP3 Bluetooth player continues to compete and stay ahead in the portable music game. A game that conventional wired MP3 players appear to have lost.

It is not necessary to be an audiophile for you to prefer listening to music on an MP3 player. You would most likely prefer having an MP3 player Bluetooth accompany you on your runs if you are an athlete. Or if you have to drive long distances to work. Or just for the sake of enjoying a long calming drive.

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History of MP3 Players

In their efforts to transfer audio files without deferring their quality, a team of German researchers developed the MP3 format of the file transfer. And soon, music tech enthusiasts picked up this technology. The integration of the MP3 format of transferring audio files and portable music gadgets manifested itself as the first portable MP3 player. The launch of the very first MP3 player in 1998 kick-started a new era of MP3 music.

MP3 Player Bluetooth

However, the launch of Apple’s iPod three years later in 2001 revved up the MP3 player industry and led to an era that we all lived through. A time when everyone had an MP3 player.

But MP3 players quickly lost their top position to smartphones as now the smartphones could play music and do so much more. Yet, many audiophiles stuck to using their classic MP3 players because of increased audio quality and storage.

But then, the incorporation of Bluetooth technology with portable MP3 players gained back the limelight that conventional MP3 players had lost. Not just audiophiles but everyone who enjoyed mobility, flexibility, and portability in their MP3 devices avidly welcomed this new addition to the MP3 family.

The MP3 Player Bluetooth-Revolutionizing the World of Portable Music

MP3 player Bluetooth synergizes the MP3 format of audio sharing and the ‘short-range wireless communication technology’-Bluetooth. And thus, it enhances the 21st-century user’s audio-listening experience.

MP3 players Bluetooth store audio files in an MP3 format. And transfer this audio to the receiver placed in the wireless headphones or speakers of the user. However, you will have to pair the receiver in the headphones and the transmitter in the MP3 player first.

The calibration of an MP3 player Bluetooth and Bluetooth earphones or speakers involves no rocket science. It is far more convenient than the hassle of finding, detangling, and then connecting your headphones while using conventional MP3 players. Thus, giving a clear edge to Bluetooth MP3 players over their wired counterparts.

6 Points that Allow MP3 Player Bluetooth to Take the Lead from Wired MP3 Player.

The advent of wireless technology, often supported by Bluetooth, has revolutionized modern day accessories. No one wants to stay shackled-up to their devices, be it a computer, a smartphone, or an MP3 player. Hence more and more people are now opting for cordless accessories to liberate them from staying tethered to their gadgets. Therefore, all wireless accessories always take a clear edge over their tethered counterparts.

Here are a few reasons why an MP3 player Bluetooth is much better than its wired counterpart.

  1. Allows You to Move Around as You Work and Enjoy Music

MP3 player Bluetooth allows you to be more mobile while listening to music or other audio.

Some people enjoy listening to soothing music or motivating podcasts as they work at home or in the office. If you are one of these people, and your chores or jobs require you to move around frequently.

A wired MP3 player, in such cases, will offer two options. You either pause what you are listening to and get your task done or take your MP3 player with you. Frequent pausing, however, is bound to kill your mood. And carrying your MP3 device everywhere with you is too much of a hassle.

However, with a Bluetooth wireless MP3 player, you can keep your device on your desk or your coffee table at home and move around as much as you want. All the while enjoying tranquilizing music or podcasts, whatever fits your taste.

  1. Your Driving Partner

A long drive without music can be very boring and often seem longer than it is. You want to preserve your phone’s battery for the long journey, so you refuse to connect your phone with your stereo’s Auxiliary audio jack.

MP3 player Bluetooth allows you to transform your long boring drive into a fun-filled journey by playing your favorite music. While also helping you avoid draining your phone’s charging as you drive. Unlike wired MP3 players, it easily pairs up with your car’s Bluetooth stereo system. Thus it allows you to stream your favorite music even while staying offline.

  1. Best Gym Buddy

Convincing yourself to get up and go to the gym is more difficult than going to the gym and working out. However, the idea of enjoying your favorite songs as you work out makes the ‘convincing’ part a little easier. At the same time, they make the thought of hitting the gym somewhat bearable and doable.

But wires dangling from your MP3 players are obstructively annoying when they come in the way of you and your next crunch. Or they extend from your ears down to your pocket and keep swinging around as you jog.

Moreover, the added weight of long cords may pull on your headphones’ earpiece and cause them to fall out of your ears as you run. No one wants to focus on keeping their earphones in place as they run.

MP3 player Bluetooth makes working out easier by eliminating wired headphones, thus allowing you to enjoy music without worrying about the dangling earphones cord or frequently-falling earpieces.

  1. Supports Long Range

The MP3 Player Bluetooth comes with the Bluetooth specific 10 m or 30 ft long-range. Wired MP3 players often come with headphones that have cables no longer than a couple of feet. And you cannot extend the length of your headphone cable without compromising on the audio quality.

Bluetooth MP3 players, with their long-range, allow you to enjoy high-quality audio as you move around even when your device stays put up to 10 meters away from you.

  1. Keeps Your Device Safe

How often has your MP3 device fallen because your hands (rather clumsily) got tangled in the cables extending from your ears to the MP3 players resulting in your device crash landing on the ground? Never? That’s impossible!

Wired MP3 players are more prone to getting tangled and ending up on the ground with a crash. However, an MP3 player Bluetooth can stay put out of harm’s way on a table or anywhere else because they are free from the cables and cords. And thus, you can keep them safe from your flailing arms while you go about and enjoy your music.

  1. Contemporary Appearance

Bluetooth MP3 players are unmatched in their contemporary appearance. Long cord trailing from your ears to the MP3 player in your pocket has become a thing of the past. MP3 player Bluetooth, with their ability to play music through wireless devices such as Bluetooth speakers or headphones, make your music scene seem more trendy and voguish.

MP3 Player Bluetooth

Final Thought

MP3 player Bluetooth played a significant role in bringing MP3 players back in the portable music game. Wired MP3 players had long lost to smartphones. And if it were not for the Bluetooth enabled MP3 players, the term ‘MP3 player’ would’ve become vintage.

MP3 player Bluetooth combined high-quality audio transmission of the classic MP3 player and wireless accessories’ contemporary outlook. In this way, it became a go-to MP3 device for not only hard-core music lovers. But anyone who enjoyed the music while they performed their everyday tasks.

With an increasing number of people now preferring wireless accessories and devices over wired ones, it is safe to assume that MP3 player Bluetooth, owing to its untethered capabilities, is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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