How to Use Multiple Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Amazing Sound

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Portable Bluetooth Speaker: How To Ensure The Amazing Sound 

Be it a computer, laptop, tablet, or phone, all such gadgets are becoming more compact in size purposely. Today, people want a computer or smartphone that they can carry easily in terms of size and weight. Therefore, the manufacturers have to exclude or shrink some features such as internal speakers, etc. This is where a portable Bluetooth Speaker becomes handy.

In this article, we will discuss why you should opt for these mini portable Bluetooth speakers. We will also guide you on how you can use multiple portable speakers to create an amazing sound.

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A Portable Bluetooth Speaker Eliminates Many Hassles

Relocating or repositioning the giant floor speakers seems like a big hassle, especially when the speakers are heavy in weight. There are many giant speakers that practically need a mover to move them from one place to another. Another big problem with those giant old-fashioned speakers is that they sometimes need an electrician to set them up.

portable Bluetooth Speaker

Keeping in mind that we have almost everything on our smartphones today, so why shouldn’t our music gadgets also be as handy as them? A portable Bluetooth Speaker is all that you need to remove all such troubles. You don’t need a wired setup to connect your speakers to the music device. Just turn your Bluetooth speakers on and connect any Bluetooth-supported device like your phone and have fun.

Want to perk up the fun? You can connect more than one Bluetooth speakers to your music device to enhance the overall experience.

Why you should Pair Multiple Bluetooth Speakers?

Though we have already discussed the major perks of pairing Bluetooth speakers, here are a few more reasons:

Easy to Move - These speakers are quite handy if you often visit different places or you are in a temporary dorm, apartment, or home.

Saves Space - The giant music speakers require much more space than the portable Bluetooth speakers. Therefore, you can pair Bluetooth speakers to your device in places where space is less.

Hassle-Free Setup - No need for a network of visually unappealing cables as you can simply connect to Bluetooth speakers from anywhere within the Bluetooth range. Connecting speakers to Bluetooth is a simple process than setting up many wires.

Better Sound - For an enhanced music experience, you can easily pair more than one portable Bluetooth Speaker.

Stereo Sound - Yes, these compact size portable Bluetooth speakers produce amazing stereo sound.

After connecting multiple Bluetooth speakers, you will notice the entire room/hall is filled with great music. When multiple speakers are paired and turned on, the sound will amplify and you will have a really amazing music experience.

The speakers must be of high quality as connecting low-quality multiple speakers will never produce the desired result. So, you must make sure that you are buying the right quality Bluetooth speakers.

Top Portable Bluetooth Speaker Brands

There are a number of Bluetooth speaker brands around the world. Many of them are creating Bluetooth supported speakers, allowing you to set up multiple speakers. Here are the most prominent brands that you can count on:

  1. JBL

JBL allows you to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to produce an amazing listening experience. Some JBL models even allow you to make your own customized ecosystem through JBL Connect. This permits you to link more than one speakers together. You can connect JBL speakers to up to three tablets or smartphones so that you can have full control over the system.

  1. UE

UE is another top brand that creates a range of Bluetooth speakers. Their speakers are connected through the UE app. The Double Up feature allows you to hook up another speaker wirelessly.

  1. Sony

Sony, the well-known brand, also manufactures great quality Bluetooth speakers that you can pair together. In a few cases, you can even connect as many as 10 speakers. Their SRS-XB series offers lighting features and sound effects that provide amazing entertainment.

  1. Harman Kardon

The Harman Kardon brand also offers a range of portable Bluetooth speakers.


Hott is a leading Bluetooth speaker manufacturer. They have been creating premium quality Bluetooth speakers for years now. In addition to offering outstanding quality, these speakers are also affordable. Their wide range of Bluetooth speakers allows you to choose the one that would be perfect for your needs.

Pairing More than one Bluetooth Speakers

If you are a starter, then you should stick to one simple rule; always choose two speakers of the same brand or model. There are some hacks available online for pairing different brand or model speakers together. But, pairing speakers of different models/brands depends largely on the speaker type and the operating system of your computer, tablet, or phone.

Most of the multiple speakers can be paired together by following below listed steps:

  1. Power on your speakers
  2. Search for the ‘pairing’ button on your device and press it. After that, wait for a while so that your phone connects to the speakers. If an automatic connection is not made, then manually go to the ‘Bluetooth’ setting of your phone and search for the new speakers. Once found, connect to them manually.

Some Bluetooth speakers require the installation of their official app for connection. Therefore, you first confirm it by reading the product user manual.

Creating Stereo Sound using your Bluetooth Speakers

You can use your Bluetooth-supported speakers together to enjoy stereo sound. Some speakers, such as Sony’s iconic SRS-XB wireless and JBL Bluetooth speakers offer you stereo sound technology by splitting right and left channels. You can use this option with your own choice. If you want stereo sound, then you must check whether or not the portable Bluetooth speaker you are going to buy offers a stereo option.

The pairing process with a few brands requires you to repeat the pairing process every time you use speakers. However, it’s not a big hassle as pairing means simply pressing one button.

portable Bluetooth Speaker

Looking for More Improvements in Sound Quality?

Above, we discussed small battery-powered, portable Bluetooth speakers that offer great sound within their limit. However, if you really want enhanced sound quality with just a little portability, then there two other options available; Bose and SONOS. Both systems run on AC power. If you want better sound quality than the mini portable speakers that we have discussed above, then you can consider one of these two options also. We can write much more about these Bluetooth wireless speakers. SONOS has a range of quality speakers in their PLAY series, including soundbars that all can be paired together.

There are so many Bluetooth supported speakers that we just cannot list here. But, if you really want the best, then you can choose from the brands, such as UE, Sony, and JBL. All these brands have a broad range of wireless speakers and you can easily pick one according to your budget and requirements. You can compare the prices and features of all models online to know what option is best among all according to your budget and personal preferences.

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