Finding the Free Best Computer MP3 Player

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How to Find Best Computer MP3 Player That is Free

Computer MP3 Player is important on any computer. It basically entails an app that helps in generating, saving, organizing, and formatting sound files. These sounds files have MP3 formatting. The sound files are often smaller in size thus; they take much less space than the usual sound file size.

Computer MP3 Player is an essential part of any computer system. The world has proceeded to more modern and online music trends like YouTube but, computer MP3 players never go out of style. There is a limit to what you can listen to online.

Moreover, Computer MP3 Player helps in keeping a sound/music directory offline. This is actually a great feature for the people who like to listen to music at their leisure. They can store large amounts of music files without any restriction of space and data usage. It is not only a leisure app, but it also carries a significant functionality in any computer system.

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Choosing the Right Computer MP3 Player

Additionally, all the desktop/PCs have an in-built Computer MP3 Player. Windows Media Player is an MP3 player that comes installed in the system already.  It is actually an exceptional player except for the fact that it is inadequate when it comes to filing setup options.  It has its own limitations when selecting file formats.

Thus, you might need an extra Computer MP3 Player at hand to fulfill your other sound requirements. Now the question arises of how to select the ideal MP3 Player that caters to your needs. Since the in-built mp3 player is free, it is always feasible to find another mp3 player that is also free. This is a great way of cutting cost-effectively and saving money in case you need to install/upgrade other important apps that do not come free of cost.

The internet is loaded with such media players that are free and incorporate with your systems without any hitch. To truly enjoy listening to songs with these MP3 Players, you need to have additional Bluetooth Speakers.  Another added benefit when you download free Computer MP3 Player is that they often have additional features like organizing, downloading, and much more.

This article will help you in choosing amongst some best and free MP3 Players so that you can make an informed decision. They are very helpful with value-added features. Some of the best computers MP3 Player are:

  • VLC Media Player
  • MusicBee
  • AIMP
  • MediaMonkey


VLC Media Player

Originally VLC Media Player was used just for VideoLAN. But since the client and server setup dissolved, it serves majorly as a video and music/sound player. It is compatible with almost all operating systems. This key feature about its compatibly has helped it gain a popular position in the world of computer MP3 Players.

It has a massive support foundation for formatting the sound files. You can also customize the application according to your requirements. Its organizational, contracting, and expanding skills are commendable. It is a complete package that too free of cost.

This is a great executive music/sound application that also offers the conversion for file formats. Along with online streaming, it works perfectly when offline. It has a user-friendly interface that helps in easy yet understandable media management. It optimizes the purpose of having a good MP3 Player.


MusicBee is another pretty decent computer MP3 Player. It is also a complete music player that can handle sound needs efficiently. Its high compatibility ratio makes it famous for Microsoft Windows.

It fulfills the most fundamental need that is required of any MP3 Player. It supports a huge amount of sound/music files in just a jiffy. You can store large amounts of data without taking up all the space on your computer.

Along with huge data capacity, it enables the option of editing too. You can easily edit the meta-data using its progressive data altering features. It enhances your playtime experience. It helps in managing a large music library that does not hinder your system performance.

Additionally, you can alter the existing music according to your taste. The experience becomes representative of your taste and choice. This can be in any preferred format of your choice.


AIMP stands for Artem Izmaylov Media Player. It is quite famous for its organizational skills. It has been in news for managing even the most messed up music/sound libraries. Although it is compatible with many operating systems, it works at its optimum with Android and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

As mentioned earlier, it can manage even the most messed up libraries due to its multitasking qualities. It has in-built auto-tagging which allows multiple functionalities. Along with an interface that helps the user to achieve all the above benefits, it has its own web interface.  It has web extensions that enable the use of online websites too.

Its administrative skills can organize tracks in different locations, formats, sizes, and meta-data editing. And above it doesn’t cost a dime and is a steal deal. You can even create your own sound files by extracting data from other sound files or CDs. In comparison to other free MP3 Players, AIMP has some major attractive features that owe it a high place in the world of media players.

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With all the added fundamental features in an MP3 Player, the feature that distinguishes it from other players is its ability to do automatic tagging. And the best part is that it does it for free.

It is quite often that a part of a sound file gets damaged or goes missing while its transfer. What MediaMonkey does is that it finds the missing part of the meta-data to complete the file without a glitch. This is an amazingly attractive and distinctive feature.

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Its basic functionalities entail organizing, sorting, and tracking the sound files. Though it has multiple features that are free, it does have some paid features too that add to the existing list of its qualities. You are not bound to get those. The application works perfectly fine with the free version too.

It has dual skills. This means that helps in organizing video as well as music too. It has hierarchal qualities too. You have to define your preferences in the application just once and it will magically sort the files into specified libraries.

The major quality of this application is its identifiable feature. As discussed earlier, it identifies the missing parts in the music/sound file with help from online libraries. This tiresome yet important task becomes doable for the app so you don’t have to do it manually.

Conclusion on a Computer MP3 Player

All the sound applications like free MP3 Players comprise of different yet distinct features. It is essential to understand what you require of a Computer MP3 Player so that it can cater to your sound requirements.

If you want to keep a large music collection then it’s better to conduct good research. And if you want to take benefit from the advanced features from the application like automatic meta-data recovery then make sure before installing the MP3 Player that it is free and encompasses your specific variety of features. This way you can enjoy your music without any qualms. It can make organizing, sorting, and mounting the music/sound files much more enjoyable and easier.

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