Finding The Best Bluetooth MP3 Player To Gift This New Year

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Bluetooth MP3-Things You Should Know About This Portable Device:

The perfect handheld Bluetooth MP3 player is the ideal gift this holiday season. After all, MP3 having Bluetooth tops up the list of entertainment providing devices.

Moreover, the records, cassettes tapes, and CDs cannot beat the excellence and convenience of Bluetooth MP3. Want to create music lists? Or want to store a thousand songs? Pick your favorite Bluetooth MP3.

This article learns the technology inside the Bluetooth MP3, its advantages, and some unique MP3 devices. So scroll down immediately.

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What is MP3 technology?

The technology consists of MP3 files and sampling procedures. But what is the meaning of these terms? Find out below.

Bluetooth MP3

Files of MP3:

The name of the MP3 player derives from MP3 files. Just as Microsoft word uses file type Doc, similarly the player stores sounds and music in an MP3 file type. If you consider Bluetooth MP3 as a computer, so MP3's are computer files.


The way Bluetooth MP3 stores music digitally is known as sampling. Sampling is music by numbers. Moreover, remember when you were a toddler and tried to play the piano and xylophone? That was all about pressing numbers on the keys. By pressing numbers on keys on a piano, you generate a note this is how MP3 and CD's work. Furthermore, a high sample rate with bit depth and bit rate produces better quality MP3 files.

Process of storing music in MP3 files:

The MP3 files store long strings of bits, like music in chunks known as frames. However, the frame begins with a short header and stores music data as well. The MP3 files use an index card to store track names, artist names, and genres. Moreover, the ID3 tag is the name given to the place that stores metadata.

Working procedure of MP3 player:

When you consider MP3's as files, you can consider an MP3 player as a computer. Thus you should know that an iPod in your pocket is similar to that of your desktop computer. Just as a computer possesses four essential components of input, memory, processor, and output.

MP3 player works similarly with USB lead input, a flash drive, or a small hard drive memory. Moreover, it includes a processor that reads MP3 files and transforms them into music. And a socket that plugs headphones behaves as output. Furthermore, some MP3 also has an LCD screen as output.


History of MP3 players:

The term MP3 was introduced in 1994 as the coding standard for audio. The base of the standard was compression techniques for audio files and modified discreet cosine transform.

Furthermore, a South Korean company in the year 1997 introduced the first MP3 player known as MPMANF10.  Thus a list of inventions started in 1997 for instance, the MP32go player. MP32GO player was the first hard-drive-based MP3 player used in the car. The MP32GO consisted of a 3GB IBM hard drive housed in a mounted enclosure and connected to the car radio. The invention in 1998 was the turning point for MP3. The first portable MP3 player was introduced in that year. It was the modified version of MPmanF10. The first handheld MP3 developed was named Eiger Labs F10.

The chain of invention continues, and Rio PMP 300 was developed by diamond multimedia in 1998. The RIO was the most significant success of that time in the world of digital music.

The MP3 invention list also includes sensory sciences rave MP2100, I-JAM, IJ-100, and creative lab nomads. The unique features of these devices were lightweight, small size, and portability. However, the only drawback was a short memory that could store only 7 to 20 songs.

In 1999 personal jukebox revolutionized the world of digital MP3. Compaq designed this masterpiece to store 4.8 GB or 1200 songs.  In the last days of the year 1999, in-dash MP3 was developed that stores data up to 5GB to 28 GB. Sony entered this digital MP3 market in the year 2004.

Now we have numerous other outstanding MP3 manufacturers, including the Hott. They are currently the industry leaders when it comes to designing and developing compact, efficient, and sophisticated MP3 players.

Type of MP3 players:

Several types of MP3 are available in the market:

  • The CD players that play audio CDs containing MP3 files.
  • Memory cards can store audio files but have low memory. Therefore acts as an MP3 player.
  • iPod can store thousands of songs. It has a capacity of more than 1.5 GB to 100 GB. Moreover, It is the most popular type of MP3 player.

Benefits of MP3 player:

MP3 is a digital encoding format for audios. Moreover, the MP3 player has captured the music world.  The advantages of the MP3 player are:

It can store several GB's of data:

The MP3 player offers vast space to store loads of data. CD's are not capable of storing large albums. Moreover deleting and freeing up space is so comfortable in it.


The portable designs of the MP3 player let you enjoy music while you exercise or wandering around the streets. MP3 doesn't need a stable surface. However, MP3 players cannot skip the song.

Long Life:

You don't have to worry about the scratching of CDs.Therefore MP3 players are ideal in terms of durability.

Transference of File is easier:

You can plug your MP3 player into your computer and quickly copy a number of tracks. Moreover, the process takes hardly a few minutes.


CD is not a suitable choice if you are burning several CD's. Choose MP3 players; instead, it is economical, and you don't have to purchase the CD's time to time.

Excellent sound quality:

MP3 players use the MP3 file format. MP3 format compresses the digital file to reduce file size. The compression discards the out of human hearing capacity noises permanently. The format dumps 90% of the original data, but the sound quality remains the same.

Extra features:

The MP3 players come with additional features. You can browse the web and run your favorite applications while listening to several tracks. The MP3 players available now are also supporting stopwatch and pedometers. The large display offers a great user experience.

Suitable for music promotion:

The artist and musicians are happy enough to promote their music online. Therefore there is no need for the recording studio. Develop the music, mix it promote it everywhere online.

Ease of playing:

The MP3 files can quickly be played on any device, for instance, CD players and IPOD's. Moreover, you can play the MP3 files with a Windows media player and Winamp.

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Two notable Bluetooth MP3 players from

 Portable Mini Bluetooth MP3 music player:

The Hott Bluetooth MP3 consists of 1.8 inches TFT screen and a built-in pedometer. The built-in Bluetooth with V4.0 sender is a fantastic feature. Moreover, it supports flash memory of 32 GB and an additional 128GB Micro SD card. You can play your favorite music, songs, videos, and photos wherever you want. The rechargeable battery has a long playback time of 15 hours. This fantastic set is available for just $34.99.

HOTT Sport Bluetooth MP3 player clip:

This fantastic device has a unique feature that supports FM radio. Suppose you are sporty and loves music as well. You can pick this set because you don't have to worry about its falling off. It is easy to carry the device with a light panel. The 1.8 inch LCD is a treat for the eyes. Moreover, the memory has 8GB storage with an expandable 32GB. The MP3 player has excellent sound quality with Bluetooth supporting features.

You can find a stopwatch and pedometer on this device. Watch your favorite video or read the e-book document with ease. This piece is available for only $39.99.

Bluetooth MP3