Easy Guide to Buy Small Bluetooth Speakers

Author: hqt

small Bluetooth speaker
Buying small Bluetooth speaker is the choice of those who do not hesitate to take the music with them. And here at So Fast you will find the best speakers to buy, including small and light models, which value mobility, but do not neglect high sound power.

Which is the best small Bluetooth speaker?

JBL speaker, Ozzie, Frahm and more! You can find it at any good electronic store - all loaded with resources and technologies for enhancing audio. Moreover, it ensures a powerful sound experience in speakers with modern and super stylish structures.

Below, we have separated some of the best speakers to buy at So Fast, different models, but which have in common the cost x benefit, as well as compact design and high quality sound.

How to find good small Bluetooth speaker?

In the following list, you will find waterproof speakers, a small speaker, as well as more robust options, but that still hit mobility. It also has super stylish speakers and, especially, with great prices, living up to the true cost-benefit ratio.

So, if you are looking for small Bluetooth speaker, it is easier to choose from the best options. Check now what are the main models of speakers available here and purchase an audio device that can accompany you on the most different adventures.

JBL PartyBox 100 Bluetooth Speaker 160W RMS

More power and lights for your parties with the JBL Party Box 100 speaker! There are 160 Watts to a design that can always go with you, so the party happens whenever and wherever you want.

This is a speaker with LED, that is, a speaker with lights that make everything more fun. You will be able to choose between LED RG combinations or let the rhythm of the songs dictate the lighting effect.

What features it offers?

The JBL Party Box 100 is a bluetooth speaker with good battery, more than that, it is up to 12 hours long playing the best hits without stopping. After all, buying a bluetooth speaker requires high battery power.

Do more with this JBL speaker, a high-level device designed to rock your best moments. Connect to it and let your voice shape your favorite songs, still customize playlists your way and more!

JBL Pulse 3 Bluetooth Speaker (20W)

Fun even under water! JBL Pulse 3 is able to remain healthy and play the best songs even when submerged in water and under rain.


One of the most modern and improved small Bluetooth speaker to buy, the JBL Pulse 3 has the advantage of an affordable purchase price, which becomes cheap when considering all its super powers.

A wireless speaker, the JBL Pulse 3 has Bluetooth, so you can connect with your mobile devices if you enjoy powerful 360 ° sound. It has the added bonus of a battery that can withstand up to 12 hours of continuous playback.

Should you buy it?

In addition to packing your moments with a high-powered sound, with crystal clear and immersive audios, this JBL speaker still contributes to the look of your party, offering a customizable light show, making everything more colorful and fun.

JBL GO 2 Bluetooth Portable Speaker Black

Joining the team of the best speakers to buy at So Fast is the compact JBL GO 2, a speaker with a small structure and giant sound power. It is also one of the cheapest speakers from JBL.

A cost-effective speaker to buy, the JBL GO 2 has an affordable price, high sound quality, is waterproof. And it is still a speaker with a good battery, which means hours of listening to your music with more freedom.


The design of this small Bluetooth speaker is small, it fits in the palm of your hand, but the sound power is powerful. Moreover, it is capable of stirring up that pool party or providing the perfect soundtrack for your trip.

Should you buy it?

The rechargeable lithium-ion battery in the JBL GO 2 provides 5 hours of playback. In other words, a stylish speaker that hits mobility and surrounding sounds for longer without wires or cables.

Sumay Thunder small Bluetooth speaker with Microphone - Black

Not only from JBL lives the segment of the best speakers to buy, a model that also deserves to be highlighted in our list is the Sumay Thunder X, a modern and capable speaker to rock the best parties.

It is a robust speaker, but with a design that favors being easily taken to various places and. Thus, it gives more power to your voice in lectures, as well as stirring parties and still being able to be used in large and external places.
small Bluetooth speaker 2021

Is it worth to buy?

The Sumay small Bluetooth speaker is prepared for different forms of use, either by Bluetooth connection, USB, SD Memory Card, FM Radio or by an AUX input. It's still the perfect karaoke speaker - listen to music and sing along!

The design is great, but it is still a portable speaker, easy to take along and then have sound quality in audios and music wherever you want. The Sumay Thunder X is still a sound box with lights and great value for money.

JBL Wind | Portable Speaker for Motorcycles and Bicycles

Another JBL model wins place among the best speakers to buy. The WIND model is one of the most powerful stereos ever made by the renowned JBL.

The best part is that this is a cheap JBL speaker to buy, with power worthy of the brand's standard, but priced much lower than many other models with similar specifications.

The JBL WIND is a bluetooth speaker, specially developed to be attached to motorcycles and bicycles, for example. Being splash proof (IPX5 rating), there is no bad time to use this speaker.


A complete small Bluetooth speaker, prepared to offer the best features, has an FM radio, speakerphone and micro SD card reader. So, you choose the best way to listen to your favorite songs.