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Computer Mp3 Player

Computer mp3 player: software that offers more than the standard

computer mp3 player

You have put together a decent music collection on your computer and of course you want to really enjoy it. But in the standard player you lack convenient options for managing songs or creating playlists? Or the program cannot play your high-quality music files at all? Whatever the reason: If you are looking for a powerful computer mp3 player or Mac, you will find it in our selection.

So that the music sounds good: The right sound system for your PC

Conclusion: get a powerful audio player

Computer mp3 player - when the standard is no longer enough

Be it as background music while working or for the conscious enjoyment of music. If you want to listen to songs on your computer computer mp3 player software makes it much more convenient than a pre-installed program. With the multitude of audio formats that are now available for music files, some players reach their limits.


Windows Media Player is already available on a Windows PC and now supports a large number of file formats. Also FLAC files are standard. The lossless format is becoming increasingly popular because of its high quality. Nevertheless, the pre-installed audio player can only score with a few additional functions.

On a Mac, you usually need to install iTunes to listen to music. In order to be able to play FLAC files with iTunes, you have to do a bit of trickery. It's not impossible, but not straightforward either. A separate computer mp3 player, which is compatible with numerous file formats. And offers more functions, increases the enjoyment of music in any case.

4 Best computer mp3 player 2020


Simple yet extensive: that is AIMP. With this audio player, you get software on your computer that won't disappoint. There is hardly a music format that the player does not play, be it FLAC, MP3, AAC, WAV, OGG or many others. If you drag music from your CDs to your computer with AIMP, you can also convert the format directly. The program also serves as an audio converter.

You can also listen to your music however you want: There are various options for creating and playing playlists. While a list is playing, you can compile the next one - either song by song, or you can select entire folders, which AIMP arranges into playlists.


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Screenshot AIMP audio player, you can customize the appearance of the AIMP audio player with different skins.

Further functions of AIMP:

  • Web radio
  • Recording function to create audio files from streams
  • Integrated equalizer
  • Alarm function and timer for automatic shutdown

You get all of these functions completely free of charge. The AIMP computer mp3 player is available for PCs with Windows and for devices with Android. The user interface is tidy and you can customize it to suit your taste with various skins.

Foobar2000: computer mp3 player

The foobar2000 player is also recommended and is often far ahead in tests. The audio player is available as software for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Windows Phone and can be used free of charge as freeware.

It even plays unusual audio formats without problems: from MP3 to FLAC and Vorbis to Musepack and Speex. There is hardly a format in which he refuses to work and into which you cannot convert your music: with just a few clicks you can turn your FLAC files back into space-saving MP3s .


You can also expand the compatibility and functionality of foobar2000 with plug-ins. If you're looking for a computer mp3 player that still offers a bit more, take a closer look at the extensive features of this audio player software.

This is what the foobar2000 program can do:

  • Create and manage playlists
  • Show lyrics for a little karaoke session in between
  • Extensive options for tagging

MediaMonkey: Best computer mp3 player

MediaMonkey doesn't play very exotic file formats, but if your music collection consists of the usual suspects, you'll have a lot of fun with this audio player for PC and Mac. Because the MediaMonkey also manages large music collections of 100,000 song titles and more with ease. The search function is extremely useful for finding your favorite songs quickly.

Our favorite function: You can synchronize the program on the computer with an MP3 player . As soon as you expand or edit your music collection on the computer, the new playlist or the new folder is also available on the portable player.

  • Simple operation thanks to the clear user interface
  • Burning of CDs possible
  • Available free of charge, more functions in the paid version

VLC mp3 player

He's popular with everyone - and for good reason. The VLC computer mp3 player is an all-rounder and can be used as flexibly as few other programs. It runs on practically any operating system - be it macOS, Windows, Android or iOS - and is available free of charge.

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Screenshot VLC audio player softwareThe VLC player is simple, but can do a lot.

With it you can not only play music and other media, but also stream them. The VLC player is also ideal for watching movies on your computer and it supports many file formats for moving images as well as music. Converting also works.

The best features of VLC media player

The VLC computer mp3 player can do much more than just play videos and music. I took a look under the hood and showed seven useful features that the program hides.

The VideoLAN project has been delighting the end user community for years with the free, free, open source VLC media player. The open source media player can be found on many desktop PCs and laptops - regardless of whether under Windows, Linux or Mac OS X - and, thanks to suitable porting, also on mobile devices under iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Wacker, the program deals with almost all more or less common file formats and codecs, also supports rather obscure formats, streams into the network, can even play back damaged files and is generally one of the best choices when it comes to dealing with Media of all kinds is possible.

Best alternative as compared to other computer mp3 player

This of course also makes VLC a worthwhile alternative to other computer mp3 player such as Windows Media Player or WinAmp . Neither of them are bad, of course, but in some areas they offer a little less in terms of features, comfort and compatibility - "gaps" that they compensate for with strengths elsewhere.

The VLC media player can do much more than just play music and films or play CDs, DVDs and such media. A lot more, to be precise. However, some of the features are buried quite deep in the program's menus.

I worked my way through the many windows, dialogs and menus and picked out seven functions that expand the standard application area of ​​the free player. In the following I will introduce these features and give brief instructions in the series of pictures on how to call up and use the functions.

Stream and download media directly from the network in VLC Player

For some it is no longer an insider tip, but it is still worth mentioning again and again because it is easy to forget. The VLC computer mp3 player can also be used as a streaming client for various Internet streams - such as YouTube videos and the like.

With a little trick you can also use this function to download media such as the aforementioned YouTube videos from the network and save them locally. If the format does not yet fit, you can also convert it with the VLC media player and extract the audio track from videos in order to save them, for example, as an MP3 file.

With the tricks and features shown here, you now have the opportunity to get a little more out of the VLC computer mp3 player. Be it more streaming power, more flexibility or more convenience. Whatever you use it for, you should take a close look at which version of the software you need before downloading and installing it. Since VLC still runs on many older operating systems, it is available in a 32- and a 64-bit version.

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Conclusion: get a powerful audio player

Don't be satisfied with the standard and don't let your music collection sink into chaos. The selection of free and high quality computer mp3 player is large.

When choosing, pay attention to which operating system you want to use the audio player software on. For example, not all programs run on a Mac.

Don't be fooled by long lists of functions: Find a program that has the functions you need - and that does its job really well in this area.