Choose Wirecutter Best Bluetooth Speaker for Your Home?

Wirecutter Best Bluetooth Speaker: The Unseen Side  

The Top Picks for Wirecutter Best Bluetooth Speaker has a list of their own. Bluetooth speakers are an increasingly common device in every household. Devices without a Bluetooth transmitting feature are considered outdated. You can install a Bluetooth speaker in your car and house. Bluetooth speakers resemble any other speaker; only they have the added connectivity options.

Furthermore, Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard in the latest portable devices such as a laptop, iPad, smartphone and PDAs

Before the introduction of Bluetooth speakers, the music had to exist in some files. The audio was present on a CD or a cassette and, more recently, USB’s. The limited audio option in these files reduces variety. Transferring and copying from one format to another further lowers audio quality. Music fanatics understand the importance of music quality and will go to any lengths in order to maintain it.

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Moreover, Bluetooth and WiFi are both wireless forms of communication. A set-up without entangling wires and long cables are a heavenly alternative to any office space. Bluetooth diminished the need to bother with complicated wires. The wireless era is not only convenient but also faster. Cables would often get damaged or get worn out. The added cost of buying peripheral equipment ends with the Bluetooth technology in place.

Wirecutter Best Bluetooth Speaker

The Wirecutter Best Bluetooth Speaker In This Day and Age

The criteria for deciding the Wirecutter Best Bluetooth Speaker sets itself on different standards. Variety is both a blessing and a curse for an undecided buyer. The market is flushed with Bluetooth devices ranging from all types and sizes of receivers. The essential factor while considering any sort of purchase remains that the Bluetooth technology must be inbuilt.  

For instance, if your smartphone has a Bluetooth system and you try to connect with a speaker without Bluetooth, all your efforts would be futile. Bluetooth must be present on both ends to function correctly.

Secondly, the best Bluetooth speaker has a wide range. Since Bluetooth is a wireless connection between two devices, distance matters a lot. Mediocre Bluetooth devices only cover a small range of distances. Once the distance between the two Bluetooth devices starts to increase, the sound quality starts to drop as well.

The perfect Bluetooth speaker is hard to locate, but it is worth the find. The Bluetooth symbol has become much of a power symbol. The Bluetooth symbol represents Bluetooth activity on a device. Devices that have Bluetooth stickers most definitely portray Bluetooth availability. The best Bluetooth speaker should compose of the following features

  1. Wide range of distance
  2. Lightweight and easy to travel with
  3. Waterproof technology
  4. Suitable audio quality and amplifier
  5. A wide range to detect new devices
  6. Accept new devices and respond to the code

Although these requirements may vary from speaker to speaker, the best Bluetooth speaker must cover most of them. Conspiring the Bluetooth technology within average devices speaks of our technological advancement. Sooner or later, the option of Bluetooth will be available on every device. Unfortunately, installing Bluetooth in an older device requires patience.

3 Popular Speakers Compared with the Wirecutter Best Bluetooth Speaker

The Wirecutter Best Bluetooth Speaker received mixed views. Advocates of the top-selling Bluetooth speaker brands placed forward their concerns. Wirecutter demonstrates complete impartiality in judging the best wireless Bluetooth speaker. People put their faith in the comparisons published by Wirecutter. According to Wirecutter, the best Portable speaker delivers the loudest audio output covering a large area.

The best Bluetooth speaker, as described by Wirecutter, is the UE Wonderboom 2. Bette and more high-end models than the UE Wonderboom 2 can exist; however, this product relates to the demands of most. The UE Wonderboom 2 is an all-rounder when it comes to delivery. It comes in many colors. The first look at the UE Wonderboom 2 extracts the same reaction from every on-looker.

Its size is comically small, making it the perfect companion for a drive or at a party. Car stereos that do not have inbuilt Bluetooth systems are becoming outdated, but everyone likes a classic. Installing advanced Bluetooth systems in these vintage cars would ruin their whole feel; hence a portable Bluetooth speaker is a better option.

UE Wonderboom 2 is the most versatile choice; a speculative panel cleared it at The Wirecutter. This Bluetooth speaker was recommended after a multitude of trials. The UE Wonderboom 2 has a cutting IP67 rating, which accounts for its sales figures. Apart from that, its spherical shape is a bonus for someone who has kids in the house. The spherical shape is harder to break. The updated device comes with its backpack too.

Despite the UE Wonderboom 2 making headlines with its diverse usage, other Bluetooth speakers are still in the game. If for some reason, you do not feel inclined to buy the UE Wonderboom 2, there is no reason to fret. There are three other choices given at your disposal.

HOTT Portable Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Speaker 

If you want a Bluetooth speaker solely for your house and large gatherings, Hott Portable wireless Bluetooth speaker is the best choice for you. The speaker received praise for its convenient portability, but not everyone needs to carry a Bluetooth speaker around with them at all times. However, their long battery makes them portable. 

The great thing is that the speakers are not even expensive, despite offering a number of functionalities. Consumers have also reported a louder and clearer bass along with a high maximum volume. Once you buy the speakers, you will never regret spending money on this extraordinary piece of technology. There is no denying that is a budget-friendly speaker. 

Wirecutter Best Bluetooth Speaker

Tribit XSound Go

This particular device is a super affordable alternative to the JBL Xtreme 2. The price difference is enormous, where this device retails for less than fifty dollars. Apart from the low price, like the UE Wonderboom, the Tribit XSound Go is also an all-rounder. It has an excellent IPX7 rating; the updated version comes with stereo pairing.

 The battery life on this device is comparatively less than the other two; however, it still satisfies the average listener. The device is small enough to fit in your everyday bag without effort. It is an excellent short term investment.

Sony SRS-XB33

Once you get past its intricate name, the Sony SRS-XB33 is a viable Bluetooth speaker intended for the masses. It is a mid-size device that offers a range of features that compete with the Wirecutter Best Bluetooth Speaker.  Its extra features pull the price tag forward to a whopping triple figure. Most of the charm comes with the brand image as well.

The Sont SRS-XB33 boasts a 16-hour battery life; moreover, it has an IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating. It has an alleged more resonant sound compared to the Wonderbroom. The bass of this device matches that of a larger speaker. The drawback seen with this device is that it is not travel friendly. The bulkiness of the Sony SRS-XB33 excludes it from being portable.


The Best Bluetooth Speaker can generate a sound louder than the typical smartphone and similar to the standard speaker. The ultimate aim of any good speaker is to create music volume which travels through a considerable distance. Every Bluetooth speaker has its features; however, the Wirecutter Best Bluetooth Speaker, namely the UE Wonderboom 2, performs an excellent job covering all those.

For more detail regarding the best wireless Bluetooth speaker, contact us now. 

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