How to change cd player mp3 bluetooth battery? Quick Guide

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Which MP3 player is mostly used?

cd player mp3 bluetooth

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Cd player mp3 bluetooth is a type of machine that has appeared for a long time and grew up with the childhood of many generations. Today, instead of using a music player as in the past, people often listen to it with smartphones. Despite this, the mp3 player market still occupies an irreplaceable part in the hearts of customers.

What is a cd player mp3 bluetooth?

Listening to music every day is gradually becoming a habit of not only young people. People listen to music for many reasons: relaxation, concentration, singing practice, etc. So have you ever wondered about the concept of a music player? Music Player is a compact music storage device.

Inside the machine has a system to store music files to help users enjoy songs anytime, anywhere. Convenient machine design, high aesthetics should be widely applied. Currently on the market there are many types of music players with the most basic music being MP3, Lossless music, Hi-Res music, ... and the most popular is the cd player mp3 bluetooth.

What is an MP3 player?

Each type of music is sourced from studio CDs. At that time, people will have to convert the format and capacity from CD music to MP3 digital music so that users can download it to the music player.

MP3 is an acronym for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, this is a type of digital music that is converted by the method of "lossy compression". Audio encoding method helps to compress and reduce unnecessary volume to create a "lighter" audio file for users.

Should I buy cd player mp3 bluetooth or not?

As we mentioned above, the idea of ​​​​smartphones has replaced the position of MP3 players in the market. However, if you listen to music with your phone continuously, your battery will drain within just a few hours.

You also can't always hold the big phone in your hand to listen to music. So the answer to whether to use an mp3 player is YES. Let's take a look at some of the following advantages of music players:

About design, structure

cd player mp3 bluetooth  comes ewith compact size, convenient, easy to use and easy to carry. The control system of the machine is also extremely simple, so it is very user-friendly. You can use the device when jogging, going to the gym, ... without using a bulky phone.

Many types of machines are improved with the feature that they can be clipped to clothes and bags to prevent them from falling when used.

About function, capacity of cd player mp3 bluetooth

Cd player mp3 bluetooth have extremely large capacity. You can comfortably store your favorite songs without worrying about the space being full like your phone. Moreover, the converted audio file in the MP3 player is also much better quality than the music file in the phone. The sound bands, reverberation, and tone are all clearer and more "real".

About the price

This is undisputed because the cost of a music player is much smaller than that of a phone. Of course, it is impossible to compare because the phone also supports many other functions. But the price of a music player only ranges from a few bucks, so it can be seen that buying a music player is a reasonable thing and not a "luxury" for you.

Tips for choosing a cheap, high-quality music player

Currently, on the market, there are many different models and designs of music players on the market. There are machines that are only few dollars, but there are also some types up to hundred dollars.

cd player mp3 bluetooth 2021

Therefore, you need to be aware of some high-end and high-priced counterfeit cd player mp3 bluetooth. With such machines, after a period of use, the sound quality will gradually deteriorate and be damaged. Here are some tips for you to consider when buying a music player:

Check your device's ability to support file formats

Most users today usually only listen to music as MP3 files and this is a supported file type on all models. However, if you want to listen to other file formats such as MP4, WAV, etc., you should find out if the device supports those formats or not.

Memory capacity of music player

Each memory card of the device has a different capacity. Small capacity types from 4GB, 8GB to large capacities like 64GB, 256GB or 512GB. The normal music list of each cd player mp3 bluetooth user falls in the range of a few dozen or a few hundred songs.

So choosing a machine with a small capacity will be inconvenient for you. Consider a music player with a capacity of 64GB or more to meet the needs in the best way.

Battery capacity of the cd player mp3 bluetooth

Similar to the memory capacity, the battery capacity will also be different. When buying, you should carefully consult the information from the seller to choose the most suitable battery. Normally, in order to not be interrupted when listening, the music player can use the battery to last 7-10 hours continuously.

Dimensions of the LCD screen of the machine

The screen will display information about the song: artist name, song title, time of the song, etc. Below are the control function buttons. For the most convenience, the screen of an MP3 player is usually 3-5 inches wide.

Accessories of music player

Attached to the MP3 player are accessories such as: Charging cord, USB charging cable, headset, case, etc. You should carefully check that the accessories are complete or not and are compatible with the new machine when operating or not.

How to charge cd player mp3 bluetooth?

Although the cd player mp3 bluetooth can be used continuously for many hours, you still need to carry a regular charger. It is recommended to charge the battery within 30 minutes maximum.

Use the device for 7-10 hours or listen continuously for about 3-5 hours. The MP3 player has a USB 2.0 charging cable that can both transfer music files and charge the battery.

How to charge MP3 player battery is very simple. You just need to plug the charger into the mp3 and the device will automatically charge. For some models, the light turns on when plugged in to charge. Press and hold the “Play” button for 3 seconds to turn the light off. When the light is off, the mp3 player is in the process of charging.