How to Buy the Best Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

Author: hqt

A Bluetooth waterproof speaker can allow you to enjoy the music of your choice in any season including the rainy season. But buying the best water-resistant Bluetooth speaker is not as easy as it seems to be due availability of a wide variety of speakers in the market. You can find speakers in various sizes, shapes, prices, and designs which makes it difficult to choose the best one for you. Though you can check the looks and quality of sound produced by it while purchasing one for you still there are various other things to be kept in mind before making a final decision to buy it.

Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

While choosing the best Bluetooth waterproof speaker you should understand its specifications like the version of Bluetooth, response frequency, connectivity, drivers, and style of charging it along with additional features and where you can use it. All these tips are briefly described in this write-up for your consideration.

Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker Specifications

The version of Bluetooth: You can determine the distance between your speaker and the phone as well as the quality of the transmission of sound by knowing the version of Bluetooth of the speaker you are planning to buy. Bluetooth 4 or higher version can be ideal for you as their battery life is better than lower versions as they consume less energy and ca work up to 60 meters away from your Smartphone.

Frequency response: It is the range that ensures the ability of the speaker to reproduce sound for which it has been used. But the sound of good quality cannot be guaranteed with a larger range of response as it can depend on various other factors like:

The ability of your ear to notice the sound can also play a great role in experiencing the quality of sound you are receiving. This ability can vary with each individual.

The age of the listener can also affect the ability of the person to hear certain frequencies of sound.

Connectivity: Through a Bluetooth speaker can be connected wirelessly it will be better if it could be connected to a wired connection also. You can check the specification page of the speaker you choose that it has been marked with Aux-In or not. The wired connectivity of your Bluetooth waterproof speaker will allow you to save its battery when you are using it where you can connect it through a wired connection. You can easily and quickly pair your speaker with your devices if it has NFC connectivity.

Drivers: The size of the drivers of your Bluetooth speaker should be good enough as its performance depends on its drivers. A 40mm driver is a must for a typical portable Bluetooth speaker. You will have to buy an oversize speaker if you want to increase the size of its drivers. So the quality of sound of a speaker also depends upon the number of drivers used in it and how they are placed in it. In a small Bluetooth waterproof speaker usually, a singles driver with full range is placed downward or upward facing for better displacement of sound. Some of the speakers with exceptionally louder sound production may have two drivers in their setup.

Style of charging: You can charge your Bluetooth waterproof speaker conveniently at an outdoor location even without carrying a lot of cables if it has a standard USB port for charging it. Today, a Micro-USB port is provided in most of the Bluetooth speakers so that you can charge it through your power bank if a power socket is not available nearby.

Battery life: It is another major factor to consider while buying a Bluetooth speaker. It must have enough battery life so that you can use it throughout the day where a power source is not available like on the campsite etc.

Microphone: If your Bluetooth speaker has a microphone then you can use it as a speakerphone to answer the phone calls directly through it. You do not have to disconnect the speaker to attend the phone call. A mic on your speaker also allows you to interact with the virtual assistant of your phone to check weather updates, as well as schedule your appointments even without touching your phone.

Advanced Features

After understanding the specifications of the Bluetooth waterproof speaker you want to buy, you should also check its advanced features like:

Smart speakers: These smart speakers will allow you to listen to music much more than just by streaming it. An Echo line of speakers have been introduced by Amazon with its Alexa and Google has introduced Home as its series of smart speakers.

App support: This feature can allow you to check the battery life of your speaker, update the firmware of your speaker, or manage several speakers easily. It can also help in having profile support of high-resolution audio if you like to listen to the audio files at a very high resolution.

Pair multiple speakers: This feature can allow you to create a bigger sound by connecting various speakers. Sometimes, the sound of one speaker is not loud enough to cover a big room or an outdoor location evenly. In this situation, if you can pair your speaker with two or more speakers of similar specifications then it will be an added advantage of your device. You can have a better audio experience with a speaker with an option of pairing two speakers.

Such additional advanced features can improve the performance of your Bluetooth waterproof speaker.

Where Can You Mostly Use Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker?

Along with considering the specification and advanced features of your Bluetooth speaker you should also know how and where you can use it. If it is for home use only then you should buy one that matches the decor of your home even if it not a waterproof speaker. But if it can be used outdoors or in the shower, then it must be a Bluetooth waterproof speaker so that you can use it anywhere and in any weather condition.


Thus by considering the tips discussed in this write-up you can easily buy the best Bluetooth waterproof speaker for you.