Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof: Why Invest In Waterproof Speakers

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Investing in Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof

Numerous factors influence the Choice of Bluetooth speaker. However, one highly important feature is durability. Not all speakers have a unique combination of sound quality and sustainability. Therefore to protect your Bluetooth speaker circuitries from splashes, rain, wave, or any water accident, opt for a waterproof Bluetooth speaker

What is a Bluetooth Speaker WaterProof?

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a portable device. These speakers provide an incentive of being waterproof in addition to their primary function of wireless audio streaming. The speakers receive audio signals using radiofrequency. Audio cables become unnecessary for any transmission. The primary role of a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is to ensure protection and durability.

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A common term encountered while discussing waterproof blue tooth speakers is 'weatherproof' blue tooth speaker. Though both terms seem to be familiar, they are quite different in functionality. It may be a costly mistake if you happen to confuse both the terms.

A weatherproof Bluetooth speaker may resist any weather condition but will not function if submerged in water. On the other hand, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker will survive falling in a puddle or any other water-related accident. You can be at ease knowing that your speakers are safe at the poolside or in a surprise downpour.

Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof

Bluetooth Speaker WaterProof IP level

Knowing that the speaker is waterproof doesn't mean you actually throw it in a tub of water. The level of water resistance varies with different speakers. This resistance level often corresponds to the IP code. This reading will give you a fair idea about your device.

 The IP code lists a  rating from 0 to 9. As you go up the scale, the water resistance level increases. For instance, IP level 0 means the speaker does not have any water resistance and should not mingle with any moist surfaces.

Level 1 indicates that the speaker may resist water drops only if they fall vertically. Consequently, level 2 provides more protection. It can resist water drops if they fall at an angle of 15 degrees. Level 3 resistance allows the device to withstand water spray if it comes from an angle of 60 degrees from the speaker's top.

Level 4 withstands water splashed from any and all directions. As the ranks rise, so do the functions. Level 5 protects the speaker if the water is coming from a nozzle of 6.3. the stronger the jet, the higher the IP level is required, such as level 6. Level 7 is fairly cool. It can protect the speakers if the testing process submerges them in water at 1metre. Levels 8 and 9 can actually save the device if thrown in the pool.

Why Are They Popular?

The market for Bluetooth waterproof speakers is growing significantly. The reason being uncomplicated. Sound has become an essential part of our lives. Speakers no longer restrict themselves to the living room. The Bluetooth option allows carrying your sound with you, oblivious of the reason it is required. You may use the speakers at parties, on outdoor trips, and even at work.

The compact Bluetooth speakers provide convenience and portability at the same time. People are actually ready to spend a fortune on these speakers.

Below are some reasons to invest in Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof.

  • A safe choice for outdoors

If you happen to be a person who enjoys music on the go, then Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof has to be your choice.  The smallest water splash damages ordinary Bluetooth speakers on the side of the pool. A waterproof blue tooth speaker makes life easy. You can safely use it at the beach, poolside, or, as a matter of fact, even in the shower.

  • Durable

A Bluetooth Speaker WaterProof is going to withstand a lot. It will be highly durable in the long run. You can use it till it is rugged. Also, its design ensures that in case of an accident, a minimal loss incurs.

  • Latest Technology

If you happen to be a gadget freak, you will surely love to buy the waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Manufacturers constructed this device with the latest technology. Any tech-savvy person will know that it's a keeper.

  • Convenient

Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof is highly convenient.  Their compact and lightweight design allows you to carry them around easily. You can toss them in your bag and roam around. Also, these speakers have a very good battery life, which means you do not have to worry about charging while on the go. These speakers provide hours of uninterrupted music.

  • Home Decor

The Bluetooth speakers will liven up your home space. Their design is sleek and modern. You can place them anywhere. Your coffee table or bedside will look extra cool with the speakers around.

  • Hand Free calls

If you don't like holding the phone for long, then the Bluetooth speakers provide the ideal solution. Sometimes even when you activate the speaker mode on your phone, the sound quality is distorted. The Bluetooth speaker has a built-in mic, which can help clear outbound calls. You can use your free hands to complete your tasks and enjoy a high-quality phone call at the same time.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing a Bluetooth Speaker WaterProof

The primary and essential thing to look out for in a Bluetooth speaker is its sound quality. You should make no compromise on sound quality. It doesn't matter how hardwearing the product is if it doesn't sound well to the ears.

Furthermore, when buying a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, be sure to check the IP code. Some models may only protect from a splash, while others might save the device in water submersion. The higher up the code you go, the more water resistance you will achieve. In addition, IP 6 and IP 7 models also happen to provide dust resistance.

Another factor that has weight is battery life. You don't want to spoil your hiking trip with low battery life.  Also, many speakers have the option of Wi-Fi. It will be a great idea to have the option if the device installs in the home. The speakers can be integrated with any smart home setup and will give you a one of a kind experience.

Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof


Bluetooth Speaker WaterProof is the latest trend in the infotainment industry. They are a great choice for those who love to enjoy their music outdoor. The device is easy to use and highly convenient. Many models have continuously entered the market. There is a variety to choose from as per your affordability and specifications. To sum up, the speakers are a good buy.

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