Things to Know Before Buying a Bluetooth MP3 Player

Author: hqt

Though the introduction of music streaming services the popularity of MP3 players has been effected as toady they are not as popular as they were a few years back still this technology has not been discarded. With the advancements in the technologies, the size of headphones has become smaller to the extent that their earbuds fit almost inside the ears. In such a condition, if you have to rely upon corded headphones then you will be caught up by the tangled chords most of the time. To resolve this problem Bluetooth supported devices have been introduced as a practical alternative to the wired headphones. The Bluetooth technology used in devices like Bluetooth MP3 player etc. will allow mobile users like drivers and athletes etc. to use them wherever they go even on the move.

Bluetooth MP3 Player

While purchasing a Bluetooth MP3 player you should consider a few features to buy the best one for you. These features may include:

Options: With its second to fourth-generation iPod Touch Apple has introduced Bluetooth technology in mobile devices. It enabled the users to manage the devices paired with Bluetooth technology and use its functions by clicking on Settings of the device. On the top of the screen of your devices, you will see an icon of Bluetooth when it gets enabled. Samsung has included Bluetooth technology in both its full color and touchscreen devices including YP-P2 and P3 MP3 players. iRiver, a no-so-popular company has also included this feature along with an M tuner in its Spinn, an 8GB device. Moreover, you can also opt for a Rhapsody player with 30GB from Ibiza, which looks like a classic iPod in design, to enjoy the music of your choice. Thus you can get several options while buying a Bluetooth MP3 player.

Settings: Normally people use Bluetooth enabled devices like headsets to receive and send audio data as well as sending files between their other devices. This wireless technology can be used not only with MP3 players but also on telephones, computers, and other electronic devices to send and receive data without using any cable physically. You can use Bluetooth MP3 players with headphones as well as external speakers to play audio and music files without using wired earbuds or headphones

Adapters: If you already have an MP3 player but it is not integrated with Bluetooth technology then you can buy Bluetooth adapters to add this function to your existing device. Many companies like JayBird, and Sony, etc. have introduced Bluetooth adapters which can be plugged in the headphones of your MP3 player as well as other devices like iPod with cable port or dock. These adapters can also be used with audio devices like MP3 players produced by these companies.

Usage: Bluetooth MP3 players can also be paired with other devices by enabling both the devices with Bluetooth technology. One of these two devices must be detectable to the Bluetooth technology otherwise the other device will not be able to use Bluetooth even if it has been activated. I this situation to locate the Bluetooth enabled device, the user will have to use an MP3 player to find it by using a key or password to start pairing them. You will have to instruct the Bluetooth MP3 player to pair with some other devices otherwise they usually remember the settings of the previous pairing.

Precautions: Bluetooth MP3 players cannot be compatible with all Bluetooth headphones even if personal digital audio players like the iPod Touch is supported by Bluetooth technology. The software used by default can allow the device only to transmit audio between the Bluetooth enabled device like a laptop and the MP3 player to play music through its speakers and use its software to control the player. So while purchasing a Bluetooth MP3 player you should verify its compatibility with other devices.

Tips To Choose The Best Bluetooth Mp3 Player

Though the MP3 player iPod of Apple is widely used throughout the world these days for the last many years while buying the best Bluetooth MP3 player you must focus on a few things as many alternatives are available in the market. The information provided hereunder will help you to buy an authentic Bluetooth MP3 player.

Portability: The Bluetooth MP3 player you choose should be easily portable especially when have an active lifestyle and want to take it wherever you go. The player you choose should be compact and small. You can also choose an MP3 player with flash if you want to use it while training in a gym or jogging is it will not skip due to lack of any moving parts.

Space: The amount of space offered by the MP3 player is another important point to consider as it will allow you to store the music of your choice to listen to it whenever needed. Devices with 512mb to 1GB are considered with a minimum space which can store up to 200 songs. If you want to store a large amount of music on your player then it must have 10GB to 20GB storage space. An MP3 player with 10GB space can hold up to 2,900 music files

Power option: You should also know how to power your Bluetooth MP3 player. A player with rechargeable built-in batteries can be taken away conveniently anywhere and can be played for a long time without any interruption. It should also have a USB port so that you can charge its batteries through your laptop if the power socket is not available nearby.

Interface: You can use your Bluetooth MP3 player to choose songs of your choice more easily on the move if its interface is user friendly. Many people are not satisfied with their device because they usually overlook this factor.

Accessories: The accessories provided with MP3 players are not up to the mark. Usually, the quality of the headphones provided in the package is not good. To improve the quality of sound you can buy a Bluetooth MP3 player of a popular brand.

Thus, by following the information and tips provided in this write-up you can really buy the best Bluetooth MP3 player for you.