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Best 8 Web Mp3 Player to Try in 2020

While the future of web mp3 player remains in the secret of the internet, although there have been some moves on the official website recently. Nothing better than using a good alternative… after all, who doesn't like listening to music on the PC?

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When it comes to web mp3 player, the list of applications is quite extensive! Today we present a TOP 8 of those that are considered as the best and most complete in general.

FOOBAR2000 (web mp3 player)

For those who just need to listen to music with quality, without looking at the great interface effects (although there are also here) then the right choice may be foobar2000. This is a very light player but with all the features you need. The last update of this player happened recently, the


AIMP is a graphically very interesting player as it has a very accessible interface. It stands out from the “competition” for its algorithm that produces a more crystalline sound. This is probably one of the best free players today. For those who were a fan of Winamp, AIMP is perhaps the best choice.

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The popular VLC is one of those players that support almost all formats. Although it is normally associated with video playback, the truth is that VLC is also a fantastic web mp3 player. Listening to music on VLC is as simple as dragging music files over the player interface! Also noteworthy is the fact that it supports streaming audio playback, such as online radio, etc.

MusicBee : best web mp3 player

Organization is the keyword of MusicBee. The application searches and plays files whether they are on your computer, on external storage devices or disks or even on the Web. In addition to its capacity as a manager and organizer, MusicBee presents a safe and effective way to rip music CDs in various formats, be it a single file or the entire album.


Clementine is a multi-platform multimedia player. It offers a simple interface for searching and playing your music. This multimedia player, allows you too quickly, even very quickly. Do a search and playback of the music library that we have pointed out. It allows you to listen to radio stations.

These are without a doubt five good web mp3 player. Obviously, as we mentioned, the list is huge and there are players for all tastes and needs. As a challenge, we would like to know which audio player you use in Windows 10.

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We show the highlights of each application to listen to music with free options and some premiums.

KMPlayer: web mp3 player

KMPlayer is one of the most powerful web mp3 player for Windows today. Differs in support of virtually all existing formats. Includes many visual and sound effects. Has an advanced equalizer and sequencer.

In the process of watching video clips, it allows you to adjust the playback speed, brightness and contrast of the image. Screen capture, audio and video recording are available. Pay attention to the clever work with sound, for example: you can set the effect of muting, smooth fading, and so on. There is a convenient night mode.

Key benefits:

  • Working with subtitles;
  • Built-in sleep timer;
  • High speed of work;
  • Sound enhancement tool;
  • Playing streaming audio and video;
  • Nice, friendly interface;
  • Stable updates from the official site;
  • An abundance of user settings, saving them to the cloud;
  • Low demands on PC resources: processor power, the amount of computer RAM, laptop.


Winamp is a time-tested utility web mp3 player. Contains many skins to quickly change the interface for every taste. There is a tool for writing data to optical discs.

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An excellent ten-band graphic equalizer can be used. There is a function of smooth transition between tracks. The output of detailed information about songs, artists and albums is available. However, despite the rich functionality, intuitive, well-thought-out interface, the multifunctional player for the Windows platform has not been updated for a long time. The project is closed.

Key features :

  • Sound quality adjustment
  • Video viewer
  • A wide range of different settings
  • Resizing the audio player window
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and above
  • Creation of your own music library
  • A large number of beautiful themes included
  • Lots of visualizations available while playing tracks.

Combo Player web mp3 player

ComboPlayer is a universal program for downloading torrent files, playing streaming video and online radio, watching TV and playing music. This web mp3 player Provides free access to a huge database of channels and stations. Allows you to quickly create playlists and sort content by category.

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There is support for a large number of audio and video formats. It is possible to synchronize your tracks with other computers based on the operating system Windows 7, 8 and 10, for this you just need to log into your account. For more comfortable control, you can set hot keys.

ComboPlayer advantages :

  • The interface is much more user-friendly than the Windows player;
  • High resolution screenshots;
  • Fine-tuning your custom media library
  • Built-in support for subtitles and metadata
  • Most popular audio formats are supported
  • Connection to IP cameras and video surveillance systems
  • Ability to view .torrent files while downloading
  • Downloading audio and video files from popular social networks.

Favorite web mp3 player cheers you up, and educational audio lecture or audiobook broadens your horizons. You can listen to audio files in parallel without interrupting your daily activities if you purchase an MP3 player.

Some consumers underestimate the benefits of a multimedia gadget. But there are also buyers who cannot do without such a compact device.

This article provides information with which it will be easier for the reader to understand: what is the best web mp3 player, how to use, what types are there, how is it chosen?

Why do you need an MP3 player?

The next generation digital mini-player is equipped with settings that allow you to record and play audio files.

If every minute counts, then the audio player opens up an opportunity to save time with benefit.

A good mp3 player is compact and easy to use. The gadget is suitable for listening to music, audiobooks and other audio files. It is profitable to use the mp3 player during trips, travels, sports, household chores, or just during your vacation.

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The modern web mp3 player is manufactured with minimal dimensions and light weight. Mounts and shock-resistant housing allow you to attach the mp3 player to clothing or hide in a pocket. Its presence does not create embarrassment during fast movements or running, unlike large mobile phones, which have a built-in audio player function by default.

Which player to choose for comfortable listening to music?

When choosing a digital mini-player, attention is paid to the parameters, equipment, settings.

MP3 Player Features:

  • Type and amount of memory;
  • type of power supply and charging features;
  • the presence of a display and built-in speakers;
  • supported file formats;
  • additional functions.

The packaging features and settings also affect the cost of a multimedia gadget.

The era of MP3-players is a thing of the past - as soon as a mobile phone, then a push-button, learned to play MP3 and began to support memory cards for storing music. Aside from the evergreen iPod Touch, today a standalone MP3 listening gadget seems to be a bit nostalgic from the early 2000s. However, they are still produced today. Who needs a pocket MP3 player now, and which one should you choose?

Conclusion web mp3 player

Despite the fact that it is 2020, and people are more interested in the question of where to download the best MP3 player for Android , some categories of listeners prefer to have separate devices for music.

First, they are fitness fans. Taking a six-inch phone with you to training is a risk of breaking it, besides, calls are distracting during training. The audio player is small, light, and it is much more difficult to drop it when running or jumping. And if you connect wireless headphones to it, it will become even more convenient.

Secondly, a dedicated player gives a cleaner and better sound than a smartphone. Many mp3 manufacturers are betting on this, releasing pocket audio players for musicians and just lovers of good music.

Finally, customer reviews show that many are looking for web mp3 player to listen to audiobooks - why a separate device for this is not clear to us, because even e-readers are now embedding MP3s. But we took into account all wishes when compiling a selection of the best MP3 players in 2020.