5 Best MP3 Player Bluetooth Reviews 2020 - Pros & Cons

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5 Best MP3 Player Bluetooth

Bluetooth mp3 players Reviews 2020

MP3 Player Bluetooth

Choosing a good mp3 player bluetooth is a rather difficult task. Even if you decide on a price range, you can get confused about the number of models and their functions. This review contains the devices that you should pay attention to first.

How to choose the best mp3 player bluetooth?

Some players have modest memory or are not nearly devoid of it, but support flash cards up to 256 GB. When buying, it is important to consider what the maximum capacity of the external media is. Others lack a slot - in this case, you need to choose a device with a good amount of memory.

The output impedance determines which headphones can be used with the device, as well as the acoustic capabilities of the device. The simplest mp3 player bluetooth models have an impedance of 16 to 32 ohms.

The number of readable formats also matters. Besides mp3, high-end models also support other files:

  • FLAC,
  • OGG,
  • WMA,
  • AAC and others.

Radio support is an especially important criterion for those who plan to use the player for more than just listening to recorded songs.
The best mp3 player bluetooth with microSD support

Mp3 player bluetooth that do not have enough built-in memory fall into this category - they play all songs from an external medium.

MP3 Player Bluetooth Suppliers

Hidizs AP100

This player has good characteristics and produces a fairly clear sound. Many users also like its design. But the main thing is that the Hidizs AP100 model has a sound close to Hi-Fi.  Similarly, its price is much lower than standard representatives of such a high level. The manufacturer decided to expand the scope of delivery, so buyers can expect to receive pleasant bonuses.

  • USB-DAC support.
  • Works with any audio format.
  • Hardware equalizer.
  • Logical management.
  • The ability to play music at very high volume.
  • Acceptable cost.

Shanling M0: Best mp3 player bluetooth

This is one of the most affordable mid-range mp3 player bluetooth. The manufacturer offers a variety of colors and a pretty good filling. The single-chip ESS Saber ES9218P system allows you to convert a digital signal to analog, and the player can also be used as an external DAC.

Shanling M0 supports Bluetooth 4, LDAC and aptX codec. In terms of sound, the player is inferior to competitors. Furthermore, its performance is very good.


  • High quality electronics.
  • High output power.
  • Light weight and small size.
  • Almost any Bluetooth is supported.
  • Available as USB DAC.
  • Holds charge for a long time.
  • Reads 512 GB cards.

xDuoo X10 Mp3 Player

This Mp3 player bluetooth belongs to Hi-Res-devices. Similarly,  it is equipped with good electronics, but its design is rather simple and not very attractive. There are two slots for memory cards.

xDuoo differs in the minimum number of settings, but if desired, installation of another firmware is available, which will allow you to edit the configuration of files and expand the capabilities of the device.

MP3 Player Bluetooth manufacturers

The player simplifies the high frequencies, the mids are softened, the lows are reproduced very well. If you are not very pretentious about high quality sound, then this model is fine.


  • Optical output.
  • Multiple memory cards can be used at the same time.
  • Relatively easy control from buttons.
  • Expressive bass.

Astell & Kern KANN (Best mp3 player bluetooth)

This is one of the most expensive mp3 player bluetooth in our rating. It is distinguished not only by its unusual design, but also by its outstanding capabilities. The presence of two USB ports, all kinds of outputs, support for SD and microSD is available.

In addition, all this justifies the prohibitive cost of the device. By the way, the sound is adjustable in 150 positions; the player's interface is intuitive and convenient.


  • High quality sound.
  • The ability to rock any headphones.
  • Rich functionality.
  • Convenient management.MP3 Player Bluetooth company

Ritmix RF Mp3 Player

Outwardly, this mp3 player bluetooth looks like a flash drive, only quite large by modern standards. The player easily connects to a computer via a USB port located under a removable cover. The Ritmix RF stands out from the competition with a small screen and the fact that the model can be used as a voice recorder or FM radio.


  • 4-line display with good viewing angle.
  • Simple and convenient menu.
  • Lots of features and settings.
  • Fast charging.
  • Affordable price.
  • Sufficient internal memory.

Sony NW-A25: Best mp3 player bluetooth

Many users like the design of this unit. The player is quite convenient and has a clear menu. The powerful battery allows it to work without interruption for 48 hours, which will especially please if you go on a trip.

This mp3 player bluetooth supports FLAC format, reads microSD cards up to 128 GB. Moreover, it carries a noise reduction system. Standard headphones are not very good, but if you replace them with better ones, you can fully enjoy all the nuances of sound.


  • Clean, high-quality sound, especially after replacing the regular headphones.
  • Nice design, easy control.
  • Powerful battery.
  • Bluetooth support.
  • The S-Master HX amplifier is installed.
  • Supports Hi-Res audio format.
  • Additional functions, although some of them are not musical.

iBasso DX150: Most Populr mp3 player

The player perfectly reproduces music of different genres. It can be customized as you like, but the factory pitch is conventionally neutral. The sound is distinguished by rich, although not pumping bass, the high frequencies are somewhat simplified, and the middle ones practically do not change.

It can be used with almost any headphone. The mp3 player bluetooth is based on Android, which allows you to install many auxiliary programs.


  • Produces good sound.
  • Decent power output.
  • Replaceable modules.
  • A large number of connectors.
  • Supports cards up to 2 TB.

Sony Walkman NWZ

The NWZ-ZX2 is one of the leading mp3 player bluetooth in the lineup. It is convenient to use in conjunction with a smartphone and itself runs on the Android Jelly Bean platform. This allows you to use Wi-Fi connection and third-party applications, as well as download files from the Tidal library.

The hallmark of the new Walkman is still great sound quality. The player itself has a memory of 128 GB, the user can add 64 more via microSD. The battery lasts for 30 hours of continuous operation of the device.


  • Great sound.
  • Many settings.
  • Nice design.
  • Convenient management.
  • Powerful battery.
  • An impressive amount of memory.

Supports most formats.