10 Best PC Mp3 Player to Try in 2020 - Top Mp3 Players for PC

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10 Best PC Mp3 Player to Try in 2020

Best PC mp3 player

Nowadays everyone is fond of listening music. There is no age limit to like the music. As it is the age of technology, so the old ways to listen the music have ended. People have found modern ways to listen the music. Instead of downloading it, they mostly like to enjoy the live music in their PC.

However, most of the people prefer listening their favorite offline collection. Hence, they don’t want to depend on the internet connection. In fact, best pc mp3 player have the ability to fulfill all your desires. So, if you have not more information about the best mp3 players.

We are here with top 10 best pc mp3 player for you. You can check and select the channel according to your likes and needs. Furthermore, we are providing best mp3 players for you if you are missing your favorite songs. They are actually able to organize, enjoy and expand your music collection.

Many of these channels have ability to play videos but all are best for their audio music. Moreover, we are also trying to give their benefits and drawbacks so that you can easily select your favorite one.

  1. Groove Music Player
  2. Freemake Music Box
  3. Music Bee
  4. iTunes
  5. Winamp
  6. MediaMonkey
  7. VLC
  8. Spotify
  9. Amarra Luxe
  10. Windows Media Player

1. Groove Music Player

Groove music player is basically a default audio player. it is actually an audio player of Windows 10.  Nowadays, it is becoming more popular among users because of its subscription-based service. In fact, it is one of the best PC mp3 player.

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Its design is totally minimalistic. So, it does not divert your attention.


  • It does not possess any equalizer
  • You cannot change sound setting
  • It has no facility to use auto playlists
  • Itssoftware will not allow you to transmit the playlist

Its supported formats are: MP3, AC3, AMR, AAC, WAV, FLAC, M4A, WMA,

2-Freemake: best PC mp3 player

Basically, Freemake is kind of best PC mp3 player which has powered by Freemake Assets Corporation. Initially Freemake mp3 music only has capability to play online music from YouTube. But nowadays this software can support offline music files from your PC. Furthermore, users have also added it in the list of best PC mp3 players.



  • It is a free channel
  • You can easily use it and also can manage your own music library
  • It has extremely great abilities to search the music
  • By using it you can also watch the music videos
  • You can also play offline and online music files
  • You can also stream your music files if they are not available on your PC


  • User interface is not so long and feels quite empty in comparison to other
  • It can’t support the music CDs
  • It is not according to your choice if you want to change the skins of music player
  • Freemake Music Box has no equalizer option

Its supported formats are: M3U, ASX, KPL, M3U8, PLC, WPL, PL, AIMPPL, TPL, SPX.

MusicBee: best PC mp3 player

MusicBee is very lightweight but also a very powerful best PC mp3 player. Furthermore, its interface is highly customizable.


  • It has ability to import music libraries from,
  • Windows Media player
  • MusicBee can also organize all your music collection simply
  • It also has capability to fill all the missing data of your favorite tracks automatically
  • This media player has many plugins which you can easily install to get some extra features.

Disadvantages of MusicBee

  • The podcasts handling of MusicBee is basically limited
  • It gives you very less or only few options
  • It can also slow your old PC as its software uses a little more CPU.

Its supported formats are: MP3, MPC, AAC, APE, Opus, TAK, OGG, WMA, CDs, FLAC, WV, WAV.


This is in fact a tool which has ability to play your favorite local music collection. Furthermore, it can also enable you to manage with great songs in your library.

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  • This software of mp3 player can offer an option for equalizers
  • It can import metadata of music, such as it can provide you,
  • artist name
  • title of song
  • producer name, etc.
  • Moreover, this tool also has ability to regularly update you
  • iTunes can press the audio files
  • It also gives you the facility to burn music files to CD
  • You can easily customize your favorite media library.


  • Actually, it runs very slowly
  • You cannot join sync libraries and multiple accounts
  • It will not allow you to customize the interface.
  • On your external device, you have to delete songs manually
  • The sidebar of iTunes will turn off with the help of default

Its supported formats are: MP3, WAV, AIFF and many more.

Winamp: best PC mp3 player

It is also an important best PC mp3 player. Winamp is actually a media player which can help you play all of your favorite songs. Moreover, you can also play all these songs very easily. So, you can simply manage and create a list of your favorite songs for your ease.


Advantages of Winamp

  • You can also play video in full-screen mode
  • Winamp can support equalizer (audio filters)
  • During listening the music, Winamp provides you to display animated graphics which can automatically sync
  • It helps you to search all themes and also assist you to plugin with extreme ease
  • This software of music player has ability to support CD burning and ripping


  • It provides you audio of very low quality
  • Winamp makes use of deprecated audio output interfaces (APIs)
  • It will not provide you a very high quality of audio songs

Its supported formats are: macOS, Windows, Android

MediaMonkey: best PC mp3 player

It is actually an audio player for serious music lovers. In addition, you can arrange the music list according to your needs and likes. Furthermore, it also provides you different skins. The interface of MediaMonkey is in fact greatly customizable. Its listeners also prefer it to add in the list of best PC mp3 player.


  • This media player has feature of built-in auto-DJ like, Party Mode
  • Party Mode can automatically play all songs according to the set criteria
  • Using it you can easily,
  • download podcasts
  • rip CDs
  • download meta-data

of your favorite music songs.

  • You can easily scan your tracks collection and update even after deleting
  • Best thing about it is, that MediaMonkey can sync with Android phones or ios.


  • This software is little difficult for beginners
  • Moreover, you can get all the above features by purchasing its version.
  • In fact, the price of its version is $24.95.

Its supported formats are: MP3, M4A, WMA, MPC, VQF, OGG, APE, WAV, FLAC, audio CDs and AAC

VLC: best PC mp3 player

As you know that VLC is very famous and wee-known video and best PC mp3 player. It also has capability to support a mass number of media formats.


  • It can easily play great number of audio and video files it also includes,
  • HD
  • Blu Ray
  • Each kind of music file.
  • It generally supports 10bit decoding
  • VLC media player does not have ads
  • it can easily stream all the media files from internet


  • It seems that the option of “skin” needs modernization and improvement
  • Both of the features such as playlist and library are not according to the modern standards
  • Many people are complaining that VLC crashes on their PCs


In fact, it is best PC mp3 player for Windows 10. It can provide you help to search podcast and music.

Spotify generally has several tracks and episodes. Furthermore, with the help of it, you can also browse a vast collection of,

  • albums
  • artists
  • celebrities and so on.Best PC mp3 player company


  • It can also play the music which is saved on your system
  • You can even view the lyrics of your favorite songs
  • You can also see the whole profile of your favorite artist.


  • Its price is very high
  • This media player is only available in limited countries
  • It has several limitations to use

Its supported formats are: Mac, Windows, iOS and Linux

Amarra Luxe: best PC mp3 player

It is best PC mp3 player for music streaming. Moreover, it helps you to export the music library of Apple. All of its tools help you to browse your favorite albums by artist.


  • This audio player can help you to customize your headphone's sound
  • It has ability to give you facility of high-resolution music streaming
  • It has an award-winning sound and it is very easy to use
  • This application is really great and very easy to use.

Disadvantages of Amarra Luxe

It is not free media player. As it is paid software, so you have to pay to get it.

Its supported formats are: Windows, iOS and Mac OS X.

  1. Windows Media Player:

It is a standard video and offline mp3 player. Furthermore, it also belongs to the top list of best PC mp3 player.


  • Normally, it allows its users to store vast collection of songs
  • This app also gives you the information which you need to know.
  • Additionally, you can get detail information about music players and US writers.


  • It plays the same songs again and again
  • This software mixes up all the information which you provide it for your playlist

Its supported formats are: MP3, CD, AIFA, ASF, WMA, MP2, WAV, MIDI.